RO INSPIRED // 5 Floristry tips straight from the expert!

RO INSPIRED // 5 Floristry tips straight from the expert!

My mum Genevieve is a florist by trade. That meant hours spent at flower markets as kids, running around the cold rooms and helping Mum strip the leaves off flowers and cut the oasis bricks for arrangements. So over the years I've learned a few things about floristry that have come in pretty handy. And now it's time to share with you! 

Tip Number 1: Timing is everything!

If you're buying flowers during the week for an event on the weekend, make sure your flowers are not yet in full bloom. There's nothing worse than your flowers looking a few days old when they should be in full swing! Look for half opened buds, and if in doubt, ask your florist which ones will last a few days. 

Unopened blooms versus opened blooms

The stem on the left will bloom in a day or two, but the stem on the right is ready to go! 

If you're buying flowers on the day, make sure they are in full bloom. Sometimes a flower market will have a bucket of half bunches or ones that are just too old to sell commercially. These ones often have discounted prices, so keep an eye out for a little bucket in the corner with smaller bunches. 

Tip Number 2: Angle it! 

When you get your flowers home and are prepping them to arrange, always remember to the cut the stems on an angle about an inch from the bottom. That allows more water to soak up into the stems, and helps the flowers last longer! And remember to do this every time you change the water! 

Tip Number 3: Don't dunk it! 

If you're using oasis in your arrangement, remember to never dunk it in the water. Allow it to sit in the water and soak down until it is wet all the way through. If you dunk it, the water soaks in on the sides and creates an air bubble in the middle, so when you put your flowers in, they won't actually be getting the water they need! 

Soak your oasis instead of dunking it in the water

Fill up your sink, or a bucket with water and let the oasis brick sit and sink down to absorb water all the way through. 

Tip Number 4: Flowers need food too! 

You will often get a packet of "flower food" when you buy a bouquet, so don't forget to use it! Otherwise you can make your own by adding 1 teaspoon of sugar, 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of bleach in a little warm water in the bottom of the vase before filling up with water and flowers. 

Fun Floral Arrangement

Tip Number 5: Bunch it up! 

You can get more impact by cutting up a long stem of flowers into smaller pieces, and bunching them together in the arrangement. This gives more depth and creates a more compact and fuller looking arrangement! 

Cut Your Stems into Smaller Pieces to Create Fuller BunchesCut the stem so you can make smaller but fuller bunches.

Stay tuned for more floral fun coming this week! 

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