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    RO's World

    Sacha Drake X RO at Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival 2017

    After last being held in 2015, the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival returned to Brisbane in 2017 to showcase some of the very best of Queensland and Australian fashion. Among the amazing designers and labels to show in parades this year, was one of our favourite Brisbane based labels (and stockist), Sacha Drake. The namesake behind the label, designer/director Sacha started designing dresses to fit and flatter the modern woman and now celebrates over a decade of quality design and innovation. Sacha Drake brand aims to inspire confidence in women through garments that fit and flatter all body shapes. 

    Sacha Drake Runway Carnivale Rocket Drop Earrings $35 & Sacha Drake Blooming Georgia Wrap Dress $399
    Sacha Drake matched our Carnivale collection statement earrings to their gorgeous pieces showing on the runway this year and WOW, what a combo! We can't get over just how stunning these looks were, there were so many beautiful prints and bright bursts of colour! Check out some of our favourites below. All clothing is currently available online at Sacha Drake and earrings available right here.

    Sacha Drake with Silver Rocket Drops
    Sacha Drake with Pink Swish Fringe Earrings
    Sacha Drake with Swish Fringe Earrings Teal


    Which look is your favourite? Leave us a comment below!


    Love RO

    Art Series NEWNESS!

    Artisan Long Necklace $80

    We're SO excited to introduce our latest Art Series collection!

    We believe inspiration can come from EVERYWHERE and our latest collection has evolved from admiring the artwork of some of Australia’s artists - both known and unknown.

    We’ve mixed a colourful, yet warm palette of warm red, marine blues, rich turquoise, soft yellows and a bold orange and finished each piece with a subtle matte sheen.

    Molly wearing earrings + keyring
    All of our Artisan styles are like little pieces of WEARABLE ART and each piece is one of a kind.  You can have a look at all of the beautiful pieces right HERE

    Artisan Pendant - Denim/Green Mix $40

    FOUR WAYS TO WEAR our Art Series Artisan Pendant ($40).  Easily adjust the length to wear it long or wear it short OR wear the necklace on the front side or the backside to showcase two different colours.

    Two colourways available: A Red/Navy Combo and a Green/Denim Blue Combo.

    We hope you love this collection as much as we do!

    Maiocchi x Ruby Olive Collaboration

    At the beginning of this year when I was thinking about the year that was (2016) I thought about what I loved and what I didn't love.  And clearly...I wanted to ensure I did more of the LOVES in 2017.  One of the things I loved in 2016 was celebrating awesome women and joining forces with them to make really awesome stuff happen.

    So when Dee, the designer and founder, of gorgeous colourful clothing label Maiocchi approached me to collaborate for her Spring just made sense.

    Dee had designed a GORGEOUS hearts print that was going to feature in her Spring collection and it was the perfect match for some fabulously fun, LOVED up accessories. Sure there were quite a few versions and lots of phone calls and early morning emails back and forth...but eventually these adorable little heart studs, brooches and adjustable necklaces came to life, and we couldn't be happier.  We've featured three colour combinations - pink/red, black/white and blue/aqua - in the collection and each can be worn as a set or separately. 

    Our Maiocchi x Ruby Olive Hearts Collection launches TODAY (Whoo Hooo!) and matches back to so many of Dee's stunning outfits, like these super soft stripy dresses (pictured above).

    The Hearts Dress (pictured at the top), which is what originally inspired the jewels, will be launching in September -YAY!!! And seriously it is SO devine...and SO MUCH fun!

    We're absolutely thrilled with how this collaboration has turned out!  We hope you LOVE the pieces as much as we do.  

    Check out more from Maiocchi here.

    Check out the Ruby Olive x Maiocchi Hearts Collection here.

    Ruby Olive Heart Collaboration with Maiocchi 

    A Blast From The Past...

    One of our old favourites, the La Rambla Long Striped Necklace IS BACK!  

    This is one of the styles that YOU, our community, kept asking for. And we were happy to oblige as this little multi coloured necklace, and the photos now associated with it, have found a little special place in our heart - and here's why....

    A year or so after I officially launched my business (circa 2012, and while nursing my first baby) I started experimenting with things I'd never done before, like photoshoots.  A very small growing business has a VERY small budget ( $0), so I asked friends, and friends of friends if they could be my 'model'.  I was after someone that had a gorgeous smile, but more importantly had a gorgeous personality that would shine through.  

    I spotted Jacinta on the netball court, she was a friend of my sister-in-laws...and she became our first EVER RO model. She'd NEVER modelled before, I'd NEVER 'directed' a shoot before.  BUT, I knew her vibrant, bubbly personality matched with my enthusiasm and blind naivety would be able to tell the story of a girl that simply loved life and wasn't afraid to give things a go.  

    Oh yep, we made mistakes...lots of them, but we seriously laughed. It was fun!  We kept it simple.  Jacinta went to the local makeup counter and a friend did her hair. My mum and my 4month old baby were right beside us while we found hedges and textured walls for us to shoot in front of.  We didn't realise we needed to ask permission for the spaces we shot (oops)...we just apologised after.  My gorgeous and very talented wedding photographer, Luisa, took the photos.  She'd photographed thousands of people in the past, but never in a fashion context.  But, I was totally ok with that because I wasn't wanting to be high fashion, or something that was unattainable.   I wanted to tell the story of an ordinary girl, living an EXTRAORDINARY life.  

    Years have now past since our first ever photoshoot, but we still love using 'models' that have stories to tell.  These days we have hair and make up artists that come on site, we have run sheets, use studios and I don't have babies to feed or chase after.  Sometimes though...I find them stressful, I get caught up in the detail of making it all perfect and I forget the BIGGER PICTURE.  

    We're simply just telling a story.  The story of a girl who wants to live a VIBRANT life. 

    Sometimes we're so fixated by getting to that perfection, that we forget what we are ACTUALLY trying to do and WHY we are doing it.  

    So my friends, this necklace is back for a limited time to remind us ALL to look past the sometimes stressful nitty gritty, and think about YOUR BIGGER PICTURE.

    Live Boldly!



    An open letter to my #1 Wing Woman //

    Just over 4 years ago, I met a girl. A girl who was still at uni, still living at home with her parents, still in her teens (just). A few months later I employed her and she started doing a few admin tasks and helping out with a bit of customer service. A few months after that I realised how beautifully this girl wrote and how she had such a gorgeous talent for creative writing and so I gave her the task of writing the descriptive stories for our collections, our products and our social media campaigns. Over time, the girl took on more tasks and more responsibility within the business and even designed some jewellery that is now shipped around the world. She also moved out of home, she saved money, she made lots of new friends, she started designing her own jewellery, she travelled...lots...and even gained the courage to travel by herself to the other side of the world.

    That girl became such an important and very special part of the RO journey. There were laughs….so many laughs, there were tears. We picked each other up and encouraged each other when the other was down. There were TimTams, Iced Vovos, avocados, and so much Earl Grey tea.

    One day the girl and I had a real honest chat, and we both realised the girl was ready for her next exciting adventure. Sure it was a sad reality, but I had to look at it as an exciting opportunity for both of us. And so my is THAT day. The day that one chapter ends, and another one begins. I am so incredibly sad to say goodbye to my amazing wingwoman, but I am so proud of what she has achieved and how she’s grown over the past 4 years. I’m sure she probably can’t see it...but I certainly can.

    So to you, gorgeous Michaela, thank you for EVERYTHING. Thank you for being THE BEST RO SUPERSTAR EVER! I will miss your beaming smile walking into the office every working morning, I will miss our cups of tea and you automatically taking charge of the music selection. I will miss hearing about your crazy dress up parties and your wild weekends drinking G&T, wine and beer in one sitting without getting a hangover.

    And when you’re feeling down or need a little pep up...just remember all those HUNDREDS of Monday inspirational quotes that YOU wrote, and that inspired so many people!

    Keep dreaming, keep laughing, keep travelling, keep loving.

    Even after we say our goodbyes this afternoon….you’ll ALWAYS be a RO girl to me!

    Skye xxxx