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    RO's World

    An open letter to my #1 Wing Woman //

    Just over 4 years ago, I met a girl. A girl who was still at uni, still living at home with her parents, still in her teens (just). A few months later I employed her and she started doing a few admin tasks and helping out with a bit of customer service. A few months after that I realised how beautifully this girl wrote and how she had such a gorgeous talent for creative writing and so I gave her the task of writing the descriptive stories for our collections, our products and our social media campaigns. Over time, the girl took on more tasks and more responsibility within the business and even designed some jewellery that is now shipped around the world. She also moved out of home, she saved money, she made lots of new friends, she started designing her own jewellery, she travelled...lots...and even gained the courage to travel by herself to the other side of the world.

    That girl became such an important and very special part of the RO journey. There were laughs….so many laughs, there were tears. We picked each other up and encouraged each other when the other was down. There were TimTams, Iced Vovos, avocados, and so much Earl Grey tea.

    One day the girl and I had a real honest chat, and we both realised the girl was ready for her next exciting adventure. Sure it was a sad reality, but I had to look at it as an exciting opportunity for both of us. And so my is THAT day. The day that one chapter ends, and another one begins. I am so incredibly sad to say goodbye to my amazing wingwoman, but I am so proud of what she has achieved and how she’s grown over the past 4 years. I’m sure she probably can’t see it...but I certainly can.

    So to you, gorgeous Michaela, thank you for EVERYTHING. Thank you for being THE BEST RO SUPERSTAR EVER! I will miss your beaming smile walking into the office every working morning, I will miss our cups of tea and you automatically taking charge of the music selection. I will miss hearing about your crazy dress up parties and your wild weekends drinking G&T, wine and beer in one sitting without getting a hangover.

    And when you’re feeling down or need a little pep up...just remember all those HUNDREDS of Monday inspirational quotes that YOU wrote, and that inspired so many people!

    Keep dreaming, keep laughing, keep travelling, keep loving.

    Even after we say our goodbyes this afternoon….you’ll ALWAYS be a RO girl to me!

    Skye xxxx

    Getting all sentimental...

    Once upon a time at the end of 2010, there was a girl who started a business.  Armed with a generous dose of nervous excitement she designed and then launched her first collection.  She didn't know what would sell and she didn't know who would buy, she just started.  She created quite a few different styles all slightly different, BUT all celebrating colour, texture and distinctive designs.  

    THIS was the necklace that quickly became the queen of the pack, the one that stood out and that everyone wanted.  This was the necklace that became a turning point. When that girl started to understand what her customers were wanting, she started to focus on designing fabulously fun resin pieces, bright colours and pieces of wearable art for women that were looking for something a little different.  

    Since that first collection that girl got married, had two babies, created 50 collections (OMG don't ask how many individual designs that is), won some pretty cool awards, launched into the USA, and made some AMAZING friendships.  

    That girl has certainly had ups and lots of downs but felt it was time to take a look back and see where she had come since that very first collection she designed back in 2010.  This reminded the girl, why she's continued to do what she does...because sometimes...she's forgets.  She remembered those beaming smiles on her customers faces when they told her the amazing compliments they received when wearing the fun jewels and how they made them feel so much more confident.   

    So my friends, this necklace is back for a limited time, for ONE very special reason. And that is to remind everyone to STOP every now and then for just a moment, BREATHE through the chaos of life, LOOK BACK to where you've been and what you've done, and whatever that looks like whether it was a hard stressful road, a joyous one or a crazy mix of both, you've made it HERE.  And you've done pretty alright!

    P.S. That clueless girl that started that business back in 2010...well that was me! Thanks for joining me on this wild ride, I've got so many more adventures planned for the next 6 years so I'd love you to stick around.  xxSkye

    Shop the Beach House Flat Pebble Necklace $70 here 

    BE THE DESIGNER 2017 // Voting starts now!

    BE THE DESIGNER 2017 // Voting starts now!

    We have collated the entries and now the next phase of our Be The Designer Competition has started! The part where YOU get to have your say on your favourite designs! The voting booths are now open! 

    Here's how to vote:

    1. Jump on our Facebook page

    2. Find our "Vote Now - Be The Designer Competition 2017" Photo album

    3. Like, comment and share your favourite designs! The Facebook votes will then be counted, and the prizes will be announced! 

    4. The more times you share your pick, the more likes it will get, and the better chance it will have of getting made! 

    There are three prizes, one voted by you and two decided in house!

    You've really nailed it with this design, and we just LOVE it. This design is chosen by us as the star of the show, the winner of the competition, an idea that combines stellar design, commercial viability and that quintessential RO-ness.
    > Your dream necklace will become a reality, and will be put into production.
    > You'll get naming rights for your necklace.
    > You'll receive the very first necklace, hot off the production line.
    > A portion of the sale of each necklace will go to your chosen charity
    > You'll also receive super-dooper hamper valued at $500, full of goodies from some of our favourite brands including a $250 RO Voucher 

    You have created something truly unique and awesomely imaginative.  It may not necessarily be practical but it sure is impressive!  
    > You'll receive an awesome hamper valued at $300 including a $150 Ruby Olive Gift Voucher to spend online.

    It seems your design has something pretty special about it, the audience voted it to be their favourite! You've secured a place in the hearts of all who've seen your design, be proud! 
    >You'll receive an awesome hamper valued at $300 including a $150 Ruby Olive Gift Voucher to spend online.

    (Please note if the highest voted design is also chosen as the winning design, the design with the next highest votes (from a different designer) will be the Crowd Favourite)

    We can't wait to hear what you think of them all! 

    Winner announced 6th June 2017.

    CHEERS // This rosewater spritzer is a pink dream!

    CHEERS // This rosewater spritzer is a pink dream!

    Friday necessarily involves a wind down from the week, and what better way to do that than a deliciously refreshing cocktail! This one from Half Baked Harvest caught our eye, because of the sweet peachy colour and for the bright pops of roses! 

    Here's what you need to make a deliciously pink Rosewater Spritzer! 

    - 2 tbsp lemon juice

    - 2 tbsp rosewater

    - 60ml of vodka

    - 1-2 tbsp of honey

    - 3/4 cup of sparkling water

    - a few drops of pomegranate or blood orange juice for colour (optional)

    - rosebuds to garnish (optional) 

    Give one a go this lovely Friday evening, and tell us what you think! 

    Costume Jewellery By Ruby Olive Sign Off

    Support Cancer this Mother's Day

    This Mother's Day we're thrilled to partner with Cancer Council Queensland who are at the forefront of cancer research, early detection and cancer support.  

    Ruby Olive Jewellery will be donating a percentage of the proceeds from our Mother's Day Collection to this worthwhile charity.

    Each pack will come with either a 'Thanks for being a number one mum' earring or necklace/bangle card and every order arrives in our signature organza bags and beautiful gift boxes...absolutely free of charge. So you can gift it straight away, or keep it as a gift for yourself (nothing wrong with that!). If you'd like an additional 'You're Special' gift card just leave a little gift message and we'll write it on the card and attach to your order.  

    If you'd like to donate directly to Cancer Council Queensland, DONATE HERE.  Together, we can make a difference!