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    RO's World

    Celebrating Awesome Women // Maria from Ivy & Bird

    Celebrating Awesome Women // Maria from Ivy & Bird

    This week in our third instalment of celebrating AMAZING women, we're introducing you to the lovely Maria of Ivy and Bird

    Maria is a gorgeous friend of ours, and we often wonder if there's anything she can't do! Maria is the owner and founder of Ivy and Bird, which was born out of a desire to create that perfect piece of clothing or jewellery, all hand sourced or created by Maria herself. 

    Apart from running her business, Maria is a busy Mumma and all round wonder woman. Maria practices all things beauty from makeup to nails, and often does our hair and makeup for Ruby Olive photo shoots. She also cooks the best Greek food you will find around town. We caught up with Maria to find out a little bit more about her passions and what makes this amazing woman... so amazing! 

    Maria of Ivy and Bird(Maria wears Carousel Sideshow Fringe Necklace $48)

     RO: Maria! You have so many amazing skills and seem to be a master of all trades... What are you most passionate about?

    Maria: That is probably the hardest question I've been asked, because as you know I just can’t narrow my list of loves down to just one or two! My first love was beauty, brows and nails. Beauty really was my first love and it's become my forever passion.

    RO: How would you describe your style?  

    Maria: My style changes everyday depending on how I feel and what I have on... but if I had to pick an exact answer I would say my style is feminine and eclectic.. 

    Maria(Maria wears Art Series Long Striped Pod Necklace $65

    RO: What's something interesting, or cool that we don't already know about you?

    Maria: Ha, okay here is one that gets everyone laughing... I was a dancer and singer at Johnny Young Talent School through my teenage years, and yes, I met Johnny Young!

    RO: What does living boldly mean to you, and how do you choose to live boldly?

    Maria: Living boldly to me is about being able to live everyday as a creative…. I live boldly by bringing my business ideas to life without boundaries.

    RO: What are the top three things, or 'rules' you choose to live by?

    I have three rules that I always live by... 
    1. The universe is always watching, so be kind in everything you do
    2. Always work with true passion in your heart
    3. Be grateful!!! 

    We're taking Maria's advice and feeling very grateful to be surrounded by such awesome women. Thanks so much for sitting down with us Maria, and keep being the superstar you are! You can find and follow Maria on Instagram @ivyandbird

      Celebrating Awesome Women // Dayle from Artful City Style

      Celebrating Awesome Women // Dayle from Artful City Style

      (Dayle wears jewels from the Mod Squad Collection.)

      Next up in our series of Celebrating Awesome Women is the fabulous Dayle from Artful City Style (@artfulcitystyle). 

      We've been following @artfulcitystyle on Instagram for a while, and admiring from a distance her eye for textures, shapes and especially accessorizing! Her Insta is a gallery of amazingly bold looks, other stylish women and beautiful Manhattan streets. After a while we knew we had to take the jump and send a PM to her, we just had the feeling that Dayle and RO belonged together. And since then we've seen Dayle rocking her RO on the streets of Manhattan. Talk about a dream come true!

      Our photographer Charli recently visited the Big Apple and caught up with Dayle on our behalf to snap a few photos and have a few laughs! We wanted the goss on how she became such a stylishly cool woman, so read below for a glimpse into Dayle's fashion history, advice and secrets! 

      (Dayle wears Carousel Striped Drop Earrings, Art Series Disc Collar Necklace and various bangles.)

      RO: What was your first fashion moment, when you knew you had a passion for style?

      Dayle: When I was in elementary school, I had a year when I would wear nothing but purple.  When it came to fashion, I danced to my own drum from a very early age!


      RO: How do you get dressed in the morning? do you start with one piece and build around that or just start throwing things on?

      Dayle: I either start with an accessory I want to build around or start with an article of clothing I want to accessorize. If it’s an article of clothing, I play with bracelets, earrings, scarves or necklaces, shoes, socks and glasses. It is like painting. I am working on a composition. If I am focusing on an accessory, I try to pick clothing that will highlight it but not overshadow it. And then I figure out the other accessories that work well with it.

      (Dayle wears the Carousel Striped Disc Necklace, Wonderland Flat Disc Necklace and various bangles.)

      RO: Do you have any colours you would never wear together or any that find you are always drawn to?

      Dayle: I love strong colors—one of the many reasons I love Ruby Olive jewelry so much! I don’t wear beige. I also love black and white. As a New Yorker, I have my share of black in my closet, but think of that as a blank canvas on which to feature my accessories.

      RO: Which is your fave piece in your wardrobe, whether it be clothes, shoes, jewels or something else?

      Dayle: That is truly an impossible question to answer! I am drawn to mixed textiles, interesting shapes, and strong colors. My accessories are definitely a favorite part of my wardrobe.  I could wear the same black dress every day and make it look different!

      RO: What is your top styling tip?

      Dayle: Don’t be afraid to express yourself in your clothing and accessories. Have fun getting dressed! It is a creative art form! I truly believe that if one has confidence, one can wear virtually anything!

      RO: And what is your no-no, a look that you would never wear?

      Dayle: If I go to a store and am told that something is the most popular item, I run for the hills.  I don’t want to look like everyone else.  I just want to look like myself!


      (Dayle wears the Wonderland Short 2 Tone Necklace and various bangles.)

      Fantastic advice from a truly awesome woman! We can't wait until we get over to New York to meet her ourselves!

      Keep up to date with Dayle's style adventures on her Instagram.

      Celebrating Awesome Women // Elizabeth

      Celebrating Awesome Women // Elizabeth


      We first met Elizabeth back in 2016, when after aeons of likes, comments and messages on Instagram we finally caught up for a coffee. We were expecting her to be loud, crazy and excitable, but contrary to her bold, colourful and outrageous outfits, we met with gentle, softly spoken and eloquent Elizabeth. 


      If you haven't seen her Instagram, @timeless_styling is a celebration of colour, prints, designers and accessories. Elizabeth's eye for accessory layering, matching hues, creating beautiful shapes and mixing prints is rivalled only by the seminal Iris Apfel. Armed with a sewing machine, a fabulous collection of beads and buttons, Elizabeth could take your most stock standard dress and turn it into something fabulous. 

      Carousel Artisan Striped Disc Drop Earrings $32

      Her passion for all things fashion began essentially at birth but blossomed as soon as she was old enough to thread a needle, she recalls, "I used to create clothes for my doll, by wrapping pieces of her remnant fabrics around its body and crudely hand-stitching them together. I started sewing my own clothes from the age of 13, in part due to my parents being unable to afford the latest trends, but mostly because the thrill of wearing something different to anyone else was exciting."


      This passion developed into owning her own business, Tpinjii Designs, which she ran for about 10 years (mid 1980s to 1990s) and then progressed into working in various Australian boutiques and working as an Art teacher. 


      Her attitude to colour is one of devotion and experimentation. There isn't a hue she shies away from, with her Instagram a gallery of bright jewel tones, muted greys and everything in between. Where she truly adds the magic is in her ability to mix textures and fabrics. Delicate silks alongside leather, rustic linens with velvet. She creates looks that have an incredible depth of detail and care. 

       Hands with Stacked Bangles and Rings
      Carousel Striped Bangle $45 and Wonderland 2 Tone Bangles $30

      We have always loved catching up with Elizabeth over a cup of tea and have been waiting for the opportunity to get her in front of the camera. So when busy schedules finally aligned and we were able to capture her truly unique styling in a photo shoot recently, we were over the moon! 


      We gave her free reign over our entire Carousel collection (plus a few more) and sat back and watched while she worked her magic. Bangles were stacked, necklaces were layered and the results are truly stunning. 


      Elizabeth Kingston wearing a mustard dress with layered colourful earrings, necklaces and bangles
      Carousel Striped Disc Necklace $55 and Carousel Long Candy Necklace $75

      Follow Elizabeth on Instagram to keep up with her style journey! #celebratingawesomewomen


      Teacher Gifts // Competition Winners!

      Teacher Gifts // Competition Winners!

      Last week on Facebook we asked you for your funniest teacher stories and you surely delivered! We loved all the stories that were posted, but the top three most hilarious are being rewarded with a set of our Limited Edition Teacher Studs! We’d like to say a big THANKYOU to all the teachers out there, and everyone that left a comment on our competition post, we hope you got a laugh out of the stories that were shared, we sure did!

      Here are our top picks, who made us laugh the hardest:

      I'm an English as an additional language teacher. I had a student who was new to Australia arrive at my school. During a Science lesson we went for a walk and discussed all the different parts of plants; stem, leaf, flower etc. After the lesson I dropped him back to his class and you can imagine my horror as he farewelled me with "Thanks for the root!" - Sam Chrzczonowicz

      I asked a student once if she was okay as she looked a bit tired. She replied “yeah I’m just tired. I woke up last night because my mom fell down the stairs and her clothes fell off and my dad ran down so fast to help her that his clothes fell off too.” I let her know that I was glad everyone was ok! - Maranda Fontana

      I was in the bathroom, and a kindergarten girl came in, and sat down in her own stall. After she sat down she said, "<SIGH>! Finally a break from class!" Happened during the first week of school; apparently a very rigorous kinder classroom! - Lara Anderson Johnson

      If one of your stories was above, keep an eye out on your emails! All the winners will be receiving one of our teacher gifts which have just launched online, check them out here.


      Love RO xx