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    RO's World

    QUOTE // Shine on you crazy diamond

    QUOTE // Shine on you crazy diamond

    We've all got that something special inside of us that shines out on our best days, may it be that smile, that stride down the street, or that on the ball, quick mind. 

    Whatever that something special is, let it SHINE all day everyday, but especially today. One good vibe catches from person to person, and before you know it, we'll be glowing up so hard we'll need to put our sunnies on. 

    RO CRAFT // Pom Poms plus Tassels equal the best ever crafternoon

    RO CRAFT // Pom Poms plus Tassels equal the best ever crafternoon

    You might have heard that I'm partial to a little crafternoon, and while embroidering has been keeping me busy, I can't deny the pull of POM-POMS. This incredible (and super easy to make) wall hanging from Brit + Co might have me putting down my hoop and getting out the yarn.

    All you need is:

    - lots of different coloured yarn

    - copper pipe

    - rope

    - fabric scissors

    - hot glue gun

    And you're good to go. 

    Visit Brit + Co for the full details, and get your craft on!

    Jewellery by Ruby Olive

    CHEERS // Raspberry Sorbet Margarita because why not?

    CHEERS // Raspberry Sorbet Margarita because why not?

    Winding down on a Friday often involves a sneaky beverage. Maybe just a glass of wine, or a cider. But today, on this Friday, I have found an amazing cocktail that I will 100% be drinking tonight. Say hello to the Raspberry Sorbet Margarita from FreutCake

    Here's what you need to make 2 serves:

    - 2 scoops of raspberry sorbet

    - 2 cups of ice

    - 120ml tequila

    - juice of 2 limes

    - salt for the rim

    And here's how you make it:

    - Blend all but the salt

    - Rim the glasses with salt

    - Pour your slushie in! 

    Costume Jewellery by Ruby Olive

    RO EATS // Overnight Oats - do you have a killer recipe?

    RO EATS // Overnight Oats - do you have a killer recipe?

    While I am an absolute breakfast fiend, Skye has been so busy lately that she's been skipping the most important meal. (Don't mean to name and shame but it's for your own good, seriously). 

    I just KNOW she will love overnight oats when she tries them, so if anyone has any awesome recipes that I can pass on, please leave it in the comments! 

    Pictured above are Creamy Blueberry Overnight Oats from Baking Ginger.

    So simple and so delicious they are just oats, almond milk, honey, blueberries (fresh or frozen) and a dash of vanilla. SO simple in fact that I don't even need to tell you how to make them. Check out Baking Ginger for the full recipe.

    QUOTE // Zap them with SUPER love

    QUOTE // Zap them with SUPER love

    Even though Valentine's Day is traditionally a day of celebration of romantic relationships, we don't think it needs to be. 

    You need more love, your friends need more love, your challengers in life need more love, the world needs more love. 

    If someone is supporting you, zap them with super love. If someone is challenging you, listening to you, annoying you, laughing with you, helping you, ZAP them with super love.

    This week, let's bring more love to everything we do. It is the gel of life, and helps everyone move along together more smoothly. I don't know a single person who couldn't do with a little more love in their lives.