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We believe your accessories can punctuate an outfit, express a mood, or make a statement all on their own. Arm yourself with a bright and colourful collection of different jewels, or keep it simple with a few everyday pieces. Jewellery can add dimension to any outfit and allow you to go from day to night with ease. Make a statement with pops of colour, or keep to muted tones for a more subtle effect. Whatever your style, Ruby Olive will allow you to express yourself and live boldly. 

Overwhelmed with the options? Why not look to our Everyday range for something you can wear, well,EVERYDAY! Jewellery made to be worn daily and match every outfit. Made from a selection of durable artisan poured resin, recycled and sustainable wood, or a beautifulpowder coated brushed metal. Every style is designed to last, and to add a POP of colour to your day. 

If jewellery isn’t your thing explore our exclusive range ofRuby Olive Shopper Bags andartist designed lanyards. We set out on a mission to turn drab everyday items into fab and colourful pieces that make you excited to take out and about daily. Our lanyards also come in a super cute stylish reusable box. 

Need aface mask? We’ve got you covered. Embrace the new normal and let your skin breathe with one of our fabulous silk face masks. Stunningly vibrant and oh so soft - you won’t want to take them off! Not only are these masks luxurious on the skin, but they are also made from triple layer 16mm Mulberry silk featuring a nose wire, pocket for a filter, and adjustable elastic.

Discover the beautiful, and deceptively challenging range ofRO&CO puzzles. Our 1000 piece puzzles are the perfect way to unwind and take a mindful break. It has been proven that puzzles are great for exercising your brain, and we think they’re a great way to be present in the moment. 

Whether you’re looking for anecklace,earrings,bangles,scarf,hair accessory, lanyard, face mask, shopper bag, keyring, or even a unique puzzle, you’re sure to find something cheery and bright in our colour-mad range. We have jewellery and accessories perfect for mums, teachers, nurses, professionals, and well, pretty much everyone! Go on, live boldly!