RO GUEST DESIGNER // Meet Georgina!

RO GUEST DESIGNER // Meet Georgina!

We couldn't be more thrilled to introduce you to our November Guest Designer, Georgina Forbes from Lordy Dordie! Having the gorgeous Georgie serendipitously come into our Ruby Olive world seems like it was always meant to be. 

Georgie is a local Brisbane Artist and she has painted the most STUNNING, vibrant, rainbow canvas in her signature style for our Guest Designer collaboration. Our jaws all dropped to the floor when we saw the final piece. It truly is special, and we have a sneaking suspicion that her gorgeous RO x Lordy Dordie pieces won't be hanging around in RO HQ for long... *we think they'll be in high demand!!*

Keep reading to find out more about Georgie and the inspiration behind her artwork for this Guest Designer collaboration. 

Georgina Forbes of Lordy Dordie

RO: Tell us a little bit about yourself?

GF: I am a colourful Artist and illustrator who happily creates & paints in my light filled studio in Brisbane, Australia. 

I knew at a very early age – maybe 3 or 4 – that I wanted to be an artist. 

Most of my earliest memories are of being creative in some way or another – drawing, collaging, painting, and I was encouraged from a young age (by my beautiful mother) to pursue my creative side. 

I could hold a pencil and draw before I could read a book! 

I always knew Art would somehow define me and be part of my life and career. 

RO: What (or who) is your biggest inspiration when creating your stunning artworks?

GF: COLOUR has always been a prominent visual component in my Art (even in the early days) due to its strong visual impact & its direct influence with my feelings and emotions.  

I believe colour is one of the most important elements that I can use to create life & heart in my artworks, people connect with colour! 

For me, an artwork can begin with just a blob of colour on a white canvas, the rest just seems to flow & weave together - colour being the consistent thread.

Georgina Forbes of Lordy Dordie with her original artwork

RO: Why do you think your Lanyard design and Ruby Olive work so well together?

GF: I like to convey a positive, joyful and happy message in my artworks and I believe that perfectly aligns with the Ruby Olive aesthetic! 

What better way to brighten someone’s day & bring a smile to their face than with colour & joy and wearing something fabulous. 

RO: What has been your experience of this crazy year (2020) and how do you think your designs make a difference?

GF: I try to remain inspired each day, committed to moving Lordy Dordie forward and determined to grow as an Artist throughout this crazy time. Although some days have been super trying, I believe as an Artist I can help brighten dark days by creating something joyful that can make a difference. I am truly happy to see how a simple artwork can bring such a positive impact on people's lives, especially in these tough times. As an artist it fulfils my purpose and the very reason why I create art! 

RO: How do you juggle being creative and a busy mum of 3 kids? 

GF: Working as a full-time artist as well as juggling motherhood does have its challenges, however these are insignificant when you get to do what you love EVERY DAY. I grab creative time when I can, although being a self-confessed night owl, my creative brain works best and most efficiently at night time. I have learnt to quickly switch off my ‘mum mind’ (although it’s never ever completely switched off!) and switch over to my creative mind in an instant. 

I try to remain inspired, committed and determined to grow as both an Artist and a Mum. Although some days it’s a struggle. You can’t always realise your dreams in an instant! Sometimes reaching your goals & dreams take time and I constantly remind my children of this too. Patience! 

RO: What are the top three things, or 'rules' you choose to live by?

  1. Don’t be fearful of change and be more willing to take risks, push yourself out of your comfort zone, believe in your art & your creativity and continuously strive to master your skills.

  2. Develop your own style that feels right for you, keep up with trends and incorporate them into your work, but also stay true to your own look.

  3. The harder you work towards refining your style, the better you get at it and you never stop learning. 

Thanks so much for chatting with us Georgie, we are beyond excited to release this incredible design which will DEFINITELY brighten some days! Shop the RO x Lordy Dordie collection HERE.


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