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    RO STYLE // How to wear jewellery with Boat Neck Tops

    In case you haven't heard, we launched our Jewellery Styling Cheat Sheet a little while ago. It's a handy guide to keep in your wardrobe or bathroom (wherever you're accessorising) which tells you what kinds of jewellery suit different necklines and shirt styles. (Find out more about it here + get your free download!)

    But we thought we'd go a little deeper, and show you exactly what we mean! And first up we have... Boat Necks! 

    Womens Jewellery Styling Cheat Sheet

    Here are three examples of necklaces that go perfectly with boat necked tops! 

    Womens Jewellery Styling Cheat Sheet Boat Neck

    1. The Eloquence Artisan Single Edge Necklace in Rouge Red. 

    Stripes are practically a basic, and the faceted gems of this necklace look great. Notice that the necklace has ad adjustable length, which will suit all shapes and bust sizes.

    Womens Jewellery Styling Cheat Sheet Boat Neck

    2. The South Pacific Artisan Plate Necklace.

    This is a sure gem. Wear it with your white boat neck, allowing the colours of the necklace to be the star. Another adjustable style, but this one more of a pendant, which can hang at any level against the boat neck.

    Womens Jewellery Styling Cheat Sheet Boat Neck

    3. The Atlantis Pod Necklace in Wood.

    With a brightly coloured top like this, we would go for a neutral tone, like the Atlantis Pod Necklace in Wood. Again, adjustable neck is a good option! 

    Costume Jewellery by Ruby Olive Sign Off

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