NOTE FROM SKYE // A Blast From The Past...

NOTE FROM SKYE // A Blast From The Past...

One of our old favourites, the La Rambla Long Striped Necklace IS BACK!  

This is one of the styles that YOU, our community, kept asking for. And we were happy to oblige as this little multi coloured necklace, and the photos now associated with it, have found a little special place in our heart - and here's why....

A year or so after I officially launched my business (circa 2012, and while nursing my first baby) I started experimenting with things I'd never done before, like photoshoots.  A very small growing business has a VERY small budget ( $0), so I asked friends, and friends of friends if they could be my 'model'.  I was after someone that had a gorgeous smile, but more importantly had a gorgeous personality that would shine through.  

I spotted Jacinta on the netball court, she was a friend of my sister-in-laws...and she became our first EVER RO model. She'd NEVER modelled before, I'd NEVER 'directed' a shoot before.  BUT, I knew her vibrant, bubbly personality matched with my enthusiasm and blind naivety would be able to tell the story of a girl that simply loved life and wasn't afraid to give things a go.  

The La Rambla Necklace is Back

Oh yep, we made mistakes...lots of them, but we seriously laughed. It was fun!  We kept it simple.  Jacinta went to the local makeup counter and a friend did her hair. My mum and my 4month old baby were right beside us while we found hedges and textured walls for us to shoot in front of.  We didn't realise we needed to ask permission for the spaces we shot (oops)...we just apologised after.  My gorgeous and very talented wedding photographer, Luisa, took the photos.  She'd photographed thousands of people in the past, but never in a fashion context.  But, I was totally ok with that because I wasn't wanting to be high fashion, or something that was unattainable.   I wanted to tell the story of an ordinary girl, living an EXTRAORDINARY life.  

Years have now past since our first ever photoshoot, but we still love using 'models' that have stories to tell.  These days we have hair and make up artists that come on site, we have run sheets, use studios and I don't have babies to feed or chase after.  Sometimes though...I find them stressful, I get caught up in the detail of making it all perfect and I forget the BIGGER PICTURE.  

We're simply just telling a story.  The story of a girl who wants to live a VIBRANT life. 

Sometimes we're so fixated by getting to that perfection, that we forget what we are ACTUALLY trying to do and WHY we are doing it.  

So my friends, this necklace is back for a limited time to remind us ALL to look past the sometimes stressful nitty gritty, and think about YOUR BIGGER PICTURE.

Live Boldly!



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