A Note From Skye // Eco-Sustainable Products

A Note From Skye // Eco-Sustainable Products

It’s been a while since I said hi! I really wanted to share a few exciting things that have been happening here at RO HQ.

Right from the start when I started this little business many moons ago one of my core values (which certainly hasn’t changed) was supporting the world around us.  

Doing our bit for the environment is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.  

Over the last few years we’ve massively increased our product categories, which to be honest, was a silver lining of the pandemic. 

You see, many of our artisans who made our products had to instantly stop making, which meant we couldn’t get our 

usual products or the products we had been designing and working on for months.  

We couldn’t get ANY stock…nothing…nada…zilch!

The reality was, we needed to do something…fast…otherwise this little business I had worked so hard to build would be no longer. 

AND…there was no way I was going to let that happen. 

My team and I hustled hard and we spent hours brainstorming and researching other areas where we could bring our colourful vibes and core values to the world.  

Over time we tested a bunch of new product categories and since 2020 we have launched Lanyards, Puzzles, ID-Zingers, Glasses Chains, Shopper Bags, Silk Eye Masks, Silk Face Masks, Silk Scarves and Scrunchies, even Dog Products.   

Two years on I’m now looking at all our gorgeous new categories and all the incredible products we’ve launched.  

I’m SO super proud that we’ve not only done this, but we’re still here and going stronger than ever!  

A few months back I started pondering about our gorgeous products…and how we could make them BETTER.  

I went back to one of our core values that have been there since day 1…supporting the world around us.

I started thinking about how we could tweak these new products in order to make them more sustainably conscious.  

After hours of research and MANY months of sampling we are so thrilled to share that more of our products will now be made using RPET a.k.a recycled water bottles.  

With 60 million bottles being added to landfill each and every day (gulp!) this is a small but important step for us.  

We are SO excited to now say that all of our lanyards, dog collars and leashes (including our existing RPET shopper bags) from this moment forward will be made from recycled water bottles.  

Now THIS gets me excited!  

Sure, these do cost us more to produce but we feel so strongly about it that we will be absorbing these costs and our retail prices (for the moment) will stay the same.

Our first collection of RPET dog collars and leashes will be launching TOMORROW…and we couldn’t be more excited.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if there’s anything else you think we should be looking at in terms of products made from RPET…I’m all ears! 

Live Boldly!

Skye xx

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