CHARITY BY DESIGN // Poppies For A Cause

CHARITY BY DESIGN // Poppies For A Cause

The crowd favourite Poppy Stud Earrings have been restocked.  These Poppy Jewels are a special part of our Charity By Design collection. $5 from each Poppy purchase goes directly towards supporting Legacy and the incredible work they do. 

Recently, we invited the gorgeous Elisha (pictured) along to a photoshoot. Elisha wore our Poppy Jewels gorgeously, and actually has quite a beautiful connection to the Poppy symbol and Legacy.

"The Legacy collection has a close connection to my heart. My grandad Kenneth, was in the Korean War and many of my family members have served in some capacity for Australia in the Army, Navy and RAAF. Although passed on now, my grandad had a large presence in representing veterans in Western Australia. He marched and wore his medals with pride and he was the leader of our big family ☺️ I also spent some years growing up on a RAAF base and seeing my Pop, Taff train dogs for their part in providing protection. This collection is beautiful and a constant reminder of how lucky we are to have past, present and future ANZACS protecting us." - Elisha.

The Poppy is a universal symbol of remembrance and hope for a peaceful future. Shop Charity By Design and show your support HERE.


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