Celebrating Amazing Women // Meet Andrea

Celebrating Amazing Women // Meet Andrea

Earlier this year I met a gorgeous woman called Andrea from style blog, Sublime Finds. 

We worked out we live just streets away from each other and share the same passion for Kate Spade and quirky shoes.   I remember walking away from our first 'coffee date' thinking WHAT AN ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS WOMAN. 

Andrea wearing colourful Ruby Olive necklace on yellow background wearing black dress

 So when we started to think about who we wanted to invite along to our very first customer photoshoot...Andrea came straight to mind. 

By day Andrea works in corporate Human Resources focusing on culture, diversity and inclusion, yet after hours she writes for her blog Sublime Finds where she talks all things shopping, shoes and dogs. 

What's incredibly clear when you meet Andrea is that she's MOST passionate about empowering women to live their best lives and to be confident in their own skin.  

When I asked Andrea what living boldly means to her, she simply responded by saying it's 'loving the skin you're in and not being afraid to go after what you want!'.  

We think that's a pretty awesome mantra for life really!  

If juggling two jobs wasn't enough, this superstar woman has taken on the FROCKTOBER challenge - GO GIRL!  Most people may know of October's Frocktober as 'a dress a day for 31 days' to raise money for Ovarian Cancer...well, our woman Andrea doesn't do things like most. 

She's decided to wear THE SAME dress for 31 DAYS (the stunning Leina Broughton 'Stella' dress) styled in 31 different ways.  LOVE IT!

She's almost there and has raised (at last tally) $3,423.18 for Ovarian Cancer Research.  This is one MEAN feat...HOWEVER I'd love to see her get to $5000.  So for the next 3 days, we'll MATCH every donation from you guys DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR*.  What you need to do is:

1) Donate to Andrea's fundraising page CLICK HERE.

2) Send us a little email (hello@rubyolive.com.au) or Facebook message to tell us you've done it and then we'll donate the same amount to her page too.

We'd absolutely LOVE you to get behind Andrea and support her campaign however you can.  

You can also follow Andrea on Instagram, Facebook and via her blog.

*We'll match donations up to $100 per individual donation

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