RO COLLAB // RO x Maiocchi 2.0

RO COLLAB // RO x Maiocchi 2.0

It's been 6 years since we launched our last collaboration with the gorgeous Dee of Maiocchi. In fact, it was our very first Collaboration we had ever done.

We are SO incredibly excited to do it all again and finally share with you our totally LOVE-ly heart collaboration. Dee has created a beautiful Summer collection, featuring the prettiest heart print - and we've put together pieces that perfectly match!

We had lots of fun coming up with these sweet enamel studs and pins in pink/red/blue combinations. And every single piece is available either silver or gold so it's even easier for you to find your perfect set!  We've even got adorable hand fans this time round.

Get ready because today marks the launch of this fabulous RO x Maiocchi Hearts Collection – let’s get those hearts racing 💖

Dee's stunning dresses will be available on her website on Sunday 7pm.

Check out the full collection here!


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