RO ROADTRIP // Visiting Ruby Olive!

    RO ROADTRIP // Visiting Ruby Olive!

    Today's been a very special day! We went down to Northern NSW to visit my beautiful grandma, Ruby Olive. She's not been well, in fact she's in a lot of pain the poor thing (am surprised we got this semi smile out of her). She grasped my hand tightly and didn't let it go for hours. Her little hands were so super soft and silky, dairy farmer hands she tells me. It's days like today that everything in my crazy head just stops...and only one important thing matters. We run around being so busy (I'm certainly guilty of that) but sometimes just sitting with your loved ones...doing absolutely just so special.

    And on the way down we always love a game of eye spy that starts with the 4 yr old shouting 'I spy with my little eye....something MASSIVE'! SNAP...!!! Nothing like an oversized prawn to get the kids excited....

    The Big Prawn

    What a lovely weekend! xx Skye

    Costume Jewellery by Ruby Olive

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