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Last week our fearless leader Skye crossed the Pacific, with a carry on bag full of jewels, to showcase Ruby Olive at the NYNOW Gift Fair. 

The whirlwind trip included 4 days at the fair, a couple of bagels, many pretzels, a few beers and lots of laughs. 

So if you're like me and want to live vicariously through Skye, here's a selection of photos from her trip that will get you casually browsing flights on Expedia... 

New York Ruby Olive Paige Skye Helen

The whole team, Paige, Skye and Helen after setting up the stand.

New York Skye Pizza

After a hard days work, it's pizza time! 

New York Ruby Olive Cascade Collection

Our beautiful new Cascade Collection... And aren't Skye's shoes cute...

New York Ruby Olive Paige Skye Beer

Beer o'clock!

New York Ruby Olive Skye Pretzel

Holey moley that pretzel looks so good.

Ruby Olive New York Red

Just having a casual romp around the MET and Central Park... When in New York. 

New York Ruby Olive

The amazing view from the apartment!


New York Ruby Olive Skye Champagne

Ahhhh, wrapping up the week in true Skye fashion... Champers! 

Damn, that looks like fun... Don't mind me while I update my passport and look at flights. Where should I go? London looks pretty cool this time of year...

Costume Jewellery by Ruby Olive Sign Off

Catch all of what goes on behind the scenes at RO HQ on our Instagram. 

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