SPREADING KINDNESS // RO's Top 10 Ways To Spread Joy

SPREADING KINDNESS // RO's Top 10 Ways To Spread Joy

Happy Random Acts Of Kindness Day®! Here at RO, we want to help #makekindnessthenorm. The official Random Acts Of Kindness Day® is February 17th each year, and was created by the Random Acts Of Kindness Foundation.

A random act of kindness is a non-premeditated act of charity, helpfulness or kindness that spreads joy when the recipient least expects it (often done for a stranger). 

We believe in operating from a place of kindness all year round. In fact, a lot of us already do things that could be considered 'random acts of kindness' without even knowing it! The thing that makes these small acts so special, is not just the way you might make someone's entire day, but also the ripple effect they tend to have. Being on the receiving end of kindness often inspires us to pay it forward and spread even MORE kindness out into the world. Now that sounds like our kind of world! 

If you want to spread some joy today, but you're not sure how... we've collated our top 10 ways to spread kindness, so that you can help share the love today and every day! 


1. Give someone an unexpected compliment.
Compliments are a simple, free and easy way to potentially make someone's day! One of our favourite things is hearing how many compliments our gorgeous community receives out and about, wearing their RO. Compliments don't necessarily have to be about appearance either, why not compliment someone's calming energy, beautiful smile or amazing service. 

2. Pay it forward. 
It absolutely warms my heart hearing stories of people who have the means, helping to pay for others' groceries or food when they can see that a stranger may be struggling. This is quite a big gesture, but paying it forward can be as simple as pre-paying the person-behind-you's coffee, or leaving a few coins in the tray of a vending machine. What may be small change to some, could have a huge impact on someone else's day. 

3. Lend a helping hand.
If you have the time and the physical strength, acts like helping an elderly person load their groceries in their car, or to cross the road can be such a huge help. Another way to lend a helping hand is to assist someone you know with a huge task that could be overwhelming them. 

4. Volunteer your time.
If you have the time and the means, volunteering is such an impactful way to help others. It may be volunteering at your local school, church, homeless shelter or animal shelter. Giving your time to help others and expecting nothing in return is such a beautiful way to show kindness.

5. Donate what you can.
Donations help make the world go 'round! If you're having a closet clean out, why not donate your clothes to a local op shop? Things like furniture, clothes, shoes, food, toys and pet food are all able to be donated if they're in good condition (and in date for any food items!)

6. Leave something for someone to find.
Finding a little hidden gem can make your whole day! Things like umbrellas in lobbies, great books in street libraries, and motivating notes are some of our favourite ideas. Important to note: things should be left in safe places that will not create litter or harm to the environment around us. 

7. Write a letter, or send a message.
Have you ever received an unexpected letter or message that put a huge smile on your face? It's such a beautiful feeling, and it's a great way to let those close to you know how special they are, and that you're thinking of them. 

8. Smile at, or say hello to a stranger.
While not everyone may want to be greeted by a stranger, smiling at and saying hello to someone in the street can often spark up a great conversation. As Mari Gayatri Stein famously said, it's "better to be the one who smiled, than the one who didn't smile back".

9. Turn up with someone's favourite coffee, or treats.
Whether it's turning up to work in the morning with your colleague's favourite "medium chai latte on lactose free milk" or going to your friend's house with their favourite freshly baked goodies; this is a sweet and personal touch that can help people know that you care about them, know their favourite things, and can even help to make them feel loved. 

10. Send someone a gift, just because you can. 

If you have the means, why not send a posy of flowers, a bottle of wine or some choccies to someone close to you 'just because you can'? Giving a gift for no underlying reason, with nothing expected in return is such a selfless and kind thing to do. 

This is only a small selection of ways to help celebrate Random Acts Of Kindness Day/Week. There are SO many ways that you could spread joy. We'd love to know, what are your favourite ways to spread kindness? Let us know in the comments below!

Here's what our team are all doing this Random Acts Of Kindness Day... 

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