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    RO's World

    RO STYLE // Our Icon: Iris Apfel

    What a lady, our Iris. Well, she's not exactly ours as we have never even met her, spoken to her, or even seen her in the flesh... But she's a woman who's been in our hearts since the first time we saw her incredibly put together, incredibly accessorised looks and big ole' round glasses. 

    Iris is an interior designer by trade, but a fashion icon by reputation. Born in Queens, New York, Iris studied art history and worked in magazines and with acclaimed interior designed, Elinor Johnson, before launching a textile company and making a name for herself in high society. 

    All that aside, she's an icon, an individual and has wacko style... And that's why we love her. Check out her best looks as picked by us.




    Who's your fashion icon? 

    RO STYLE // Top 5 ways to wear colour!

    We recently caught up with Alex from the blog  What The Teacher Wears who gave us some Va Va Voom tips on how to wear colour with style. Here are her top tips:


    1. Baby steps – if you're not overly confident with adding a splash of colour...then add just one accessory or try a bright lippy first.

     Featuring our favourite  South Pacific Tubular Necklace in multi  $48,00.


    2. Pull out a tone in your outfit and use that as a starting point to match your jewels.  

    Here we've married the Oceania Abacus Necklace $45 with this classic outfit.


    3. Keep your base simple and add a block coloured jacket and multi-coloured jewels.


    Featuring the South Pacific Long Frangipani Necklace $70


    4. No...your shoes and bag don’t have to match...let's have some fun!

    Featuring the bright South Pacific Frangipani Necklace in Orange  $48 and South Pacific Clip on Flat studs $22.


    5. The bolder, the better!  

    Here we've mixed some fabulous block colour pieces with contrasting jewels - the South Pacific Frangipani Necklace in Citron $48 and matching South Pacific Flat Stud Earrings $22.


    The moral of the story is...playing with colour = playing with fun! 

    RO x  


    RO STYLE // 5 Ways to Wear - A Basic White Tee

    We all know those can't think, your head hurts, the kids are screaming and you've got 5 mins to get out the door.  Thank you white tee...for always being there!  A crisp, simple white t-shirt is such a fabulous wardrobe staple.  Here's a few ways to wear:

    1. Off to the Park

    Quickly throw on some comfy jeans and lace-ups - you're heading out the door.  Complete your casual look and add a splash of excitement with the South Pacific Tubular Necklace $45.  


    2. Lunch Date Here We Come

    You know those days when you wear an awesome outfit and you feel on top of the world?  Pair a fab statement skirt and a tailored jacket with your basic white tee and're rockin' it girlfriend!  Complete the look with some South Pacific Frangipani Earrings $24 and some Du Jour Wooden Bracelets $28.  

     3. Lets go Travelling

    "Oh I just travelled from Paris and now i'm heading to Milan, I love that travelling is so cheap" said no one ever. Luckily, travelling doesn't mean you have to fly over water or fill a bulging suitcase, it can be as simple as finding a new cafe. Travelling is about the adventure, the mystery, the small discoveries we can find in our own backyard. 

    Grab your classic white t-shirt and skinny black jeans, and a neutral coloured jacket to create an effortless but fashion forward look. Here at Ruby Olive we love our colour, but sometimes...just sometimes, we like to wear neutrals. Match this ensemble with some black flats, the Du Jour Geo Necklace in Navy $55 and our favourite little Du Jour Resin Studs in Navy Blue $22. 

    4. Time to Party

    Want to look killer at your next party? Create an outfit that makes you look stylish but also fun! Firstly, combine a simple bottom, like a black skirt or jean shorts, with your basic white tee.  Now its playtime!  Add a bold block coloured jacket and shoes, and bring the whole look together with a multi-coloured necklace like our Du Jour Multi-Strand Wood Necklace $45.  

    5. Hit the Beach

    The sun is out, the beach is near...throw on your flippy flops and super sized sun's time for some R&R.  Just add your happy South Pacific Frangipani Citrus Yellow Necklace $48 on top of your white tee and easy denim skirt and away you go!  



    These 5 ways to wear a basic white t-shirt are sure to spice up your wardrobe life!  

    RO Sustainability // Eco fashion that doesn't look "eco"

    There's some stigma in the fashion world that eco or sustainable fashion is not quite to be taken seriously. Images of long haired hippies in hemp dresses still spring to peoples mind's when they here the words "ethical fashion."

    But there are scores of Australian, and international fashion brands doing their bit for our Earth. From naturally produced dyes, to carbon offsetting and using local manufacturers, there are heaps of ways that the fashion industry can green up! 

    Here are a few of our favourite brands that are flying the eco flag! 



    Bhalo is an Australian designed fashion label that is ethically produced in Bangladesh. They made limited edition pieces, out of stunning quality fabrics with fun, Summery vibes! And you can feel proud of wearing them too!




    Kowtow makes certified fair trade organic clothing that is ethically and sustainably made from seed to garment. It's pretty hard to get the fair trade stamp in fashion, but these guys manage to make super cool threads that you can feel good about! 



    Okay, we know we rave about these guys all the time, but we promise they are worth every bit of praise! All their organic cotton comes from fair-trade farms and is produced in sweatshop free factories! You can sleep well wearing these cute as hell pjs! 


    Who are your favourite ethical designers or brands? We would love to hear about who else is making noise in the eco-fashion space!

    RO ROOOARS // In the media

    We were so thrilled to see our Chief Dreamer, Skye Anderton, in this month's edition of Roooar Magazine - talking all things creativity, business and top tips (page 11). If you're a chick of the business kind or simply looking for some awesome inspiration to nourish your brain and your sure to check out this brilliant digital magazine! 

    Check out the full magazine here and be sure to sign up to receive it straight into your inbox!

    Love your work Roooar Magazine!