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    RO's World

    Style Guide Chapter 3. // Styling Square Necklines

    It's hip to be square.

    Today's edition of the Ruby Olive Style Guide is all about the humble Square Neckline. This multi-part series has been created as a tool to help guide you on which jewels are going to look like a match made in heaven with different clothing styles and necklines you already have at home. If you missed our first two chapters, you can catch up on our first instalment HERE and our second chapter HERE.

    Let's talk squares! The square neckline is low and wide, with three sides - two that hang down off the shoulders and one that cuts across the chest horizontally. Wear the square neckline with short to medium necklaces, making sure to get a good balance between the size of the square and the necklace. If the square is wide across you’ll do best with a bigger necklace but if it’s smaller, a simpler piece will do. Statement earrings also look FAB with this neckline. Earrings let your clothing shine, while the jewellery does the talking.

    We've collated some of our favourite square neck styling looks to show you how RO rocks squares! Let's jump straight in...

    Skye wearing Ruby Olive Everyday Necklace and Gorman Holiday Patterned DressSkye balances her patterned square neckline with a medium block coloured Everyday Long Necklace

    Our Chief Dreamer Skye has a penchant for wearing deliciously colourful clothing (if you hadn't already guessed!), you'll often catch her around RO HQ in an ensemble that will immediately brighten your day! Skye has a few square neckline faves, and she generally matches them back with medium length adjustable necklaces

    Madie wearing Mustard Uniqlo playsuit and Ruby Olive Multi Hibiscus NecklaceMadie adds a short colour POP with her Hibiscus Necklace to emphasise her block coloured square neckline

    Gorgeous Madie is a DREAM in mustard paired with that multicolour BURST! Madie is one of our friends and models, that rocks anything and everything we get her to play dress-ups in for our photoshoots. The short Hibiscus Multi Necklace commands attention and acts as a focal point against this subdued mustard square neckline.

    Skye wearing Gorman Aviary Bird Top and Ruby Olive Carousel Abstract Stripe NecklaceWe've dubbed Skye the Square Neckline QUEEN

    We weren't joking when we said Skye loves gorgeously bright clothing, and she has a few square necklines! This fabulous Gorman bird print top makes a statement all on its own, while the Carousel Abstract Necklace amps it up further and cuts through the square neckline and adds balance.

    Anita wearing Ruby Olive Ecology Adjustable Pod Necklace in Stone and Jej & Boc Jellies DressAnita is a ray of SUNSHINE in her vibrant square neck dress paired with the Ecology Adjustable Pod Necklace 

    We've opted for a medium length necklace again, finishing off this vibrant Jej & Boc dress beautifully. The necklace adds a sophisticated statement and cuts through the square neckline to add balance. 

    Have you been known to rock a square neckline? How do you style yours? We'd love to know! 

    Love RO xx

    Salvare Artisan Necklace Story // Gorgeously Sustainable

    Developing products with a conscious heart has always been, and continues to be, one of our core values.  

    While we pride ourselves on all of our pieces being made by sustainable means, there’s one necklace that stands out in the best possible way. Introducing our NEW Limited Edition ‘Salvare Artisan’ Necklace!

    See the necklace HERE

    The word salvare means 'salvage' in Italian, which is exactly what we've done to create this necklace. Each resin bead used is solely from resin offcuts that would otherwise be discarded. We couldn’t bear to see these gorgeous, colourful resin slices go to waste, so we’ve repurposed them and created a stunningly unique necklace. Wear your Salvare Artisan Necklace knowing you’ve got one stylishly sustainable piece around your neck! 

    See the necklace HERE

    Marvel at the delicious flecks of colour distributed throughout the beads, and wonder at the individual combination of your one-of-a-kind necklace. There’s a mix and match of beads reminiscent of liquorice all-sorts, zesty citrus, classic block colours, artisan mixtures, and so much more. As the resin is recycled from offcuts, no necklace is the same... but if you do have colour preferences, we can certainly do our best to pick your perfect piece. Just leave us a note to let us know.

    See the necklace HERE

    The Salvare Artisan Necklace is a stunning, conscious statement all on its own, but layer a few up and you’ve got instant WOW factor (as per Elizabeth above). A truly timeless, sustainable necklace that provides a feel good factor PLUS style.

    Take a behind the scenes look at the making of this necklace, and other resin pieces…

    It's a gorgeous process that celebrates traditional artisan craftsmanship.

    We’d love to know what you think about this gorgeous new piece? Let us know in the comments! 


    Style Guide Chapter 2. // Styling a V-neck

    Take the plunge and elevate your V-necklines

    Welcome to our second chapter of the Ruby Olive Style Guide. This multi-part series has been created as a tool to help guide you on which jewels are going to look like a match made in heaven with different clothing styles and necklines you already have at home. Please note the key word here is that this is a guide, wear whatever makes you feel like your most fabulous self! If you missed Chapter 1, you can catch up on our first instalment HERE.

    Today is all about V-necks, baby! The V-neck is a deep neckline that reveals a little cleavage (or a lot if you’re game). This classic V shaped neckline is best worn with short to medium necklaces, making sure the bottom of the necklace isn’t touching the top. You don’t want your statement piece getting hidden by the fabric or trapped between the girls!

    Sue wearing V-neck dress and Contrast Striped Pendant Necklace
    Sue struts her stuff in her reversible Leina Broughton dress worn with the V-neck to the front. The Contrast Striped Pendant compliments this neckline perfectly while adding a beautiful statement.  Pair this with some matching studs and you’re good to go! 

    Top Tips for Styling a V-neck
    Top Tips For Styling A V-neck

    • Tip # 1 Wear your fave medium length necklace (like Sue above, wearing the Contrast Two Sided Necklace) if it significantly cuts across the neckline and sits above or below the V. Ideally, do not want the top of the fabric touching the bottom of the necklace.
    • Tip # 2 Double up a long beaded necklace to give a layered look to the décolletage area. A fresh and fun homage to the classic double string of pearls!

    Emma wearing Leina Broughton Dress and matching Ruby Olive Necklace

    Emma wears the Garden Party Two Tone Long Necklace doubled over, with Garden Party Striped Drop Earrings   


    • Tip # 3 Collar and plate style necklaces work perfectly with a V-neck as they mirror the shape of the neckline.

    Maria wearing a deep V-neck green dress with matching Ruby Olive Necklace

    Maria is the epitome of fabulous in her emerald deep V-neck dress, the Carousel Sideshow Fringe Necklace mimics and follows the V. The bright pop of colour is an added bonus with this gorgeous necklace

    • Tip # 4 Have fun and express yourself! Play around with block colours, multi colours and prints - both in your fabrics and jewellery. Life is too short to wear boring jewellery!
    Ruby Olive V-neck styling imagesWe've pulled together a few of our favourite V-neck looks from our gorgeous friends and models. From left to right we have Emma in the Cascade Droplet Plate Necklace, Molly in the Johnson x RO Art Series Necklace, Emma in the Orange Aurora Solar Necklace and finally the gorgeous Moana in the French Twist Collar Necklace

    Is the V-neck one of your favourite styles to wear? How do you style it? Let us know in the comments.

    Love RO xx


    Style Guide Chapter 1. // Boat Necklines!

    Style Guide - Chapter 1.
    Sail easy with the Boat Neckline

    Welcome to the first instalment of our fun and fab Ruby Olive Style Guide! This multi-part series will guide you on how to match your brand spankin' new and existing colourful jewels with clothing styles you already have at home. Today is all about the Boat Neckline! This classic Parisian neckline is an elegant statement in itself, it widens past the collarbones to hang on the shoulders. It acts like a blank canvas on to help set the tone of your outfit. 

    We'd love to know if you call this neckline by another name? Our gorgeous community gave us a few ideas such as a jewel or crew neckline (we'll come back to this one later). So, what do YOU call this neckline and how do you wear it? 

    Let's jump straight in! We've enlisted two of our fabulous customer models Sue and Kate to show you how they would style up a classic Boat Neck.

    Ruby Olive Customer Model Sue wearing an emerald boat neck Leina Broughton Dress with Ruby Olive Jewellery
    Dial up the fabulousness on a boat neck by adding a long statement necklace and matching statement earrings a la Sue in her Contrast Double Sided Necklace and Contrast Striped Edge Earrings. (above)

    For a more casual look, Sue wears her Contrast Striped Pendant in Multi to show how this gorgeous emerald boat neckline can be effortlessly lifted with a medium length statement necklace. (below)

    Ruby Olive Customer Model Sue smiling, wearing an emerald boat neck Leina Broughton Dress with Ruby Olive Jewellery
    Wear with Medium or Long Necklaces

    Medium to long necklaces, especially pendant styles, usually suit this neckline best! Long bead necklaces also work well, which can create an illusion of a long silhouette and balances the neckline with length. 

    Ruby Olive Customer Model Kate, smiling, wearing a pink boat neck top with Ruby Olive Jewellery Wonderland Flat Disc Necklace
    Gorgeous Kate loves her Wonderland Flat Disc Necklace. A colourful long statement necklace and a bright boat neckline go perfectly together!

    Add some oomph with statement earrings and a short necklace, just like Kate with her Garden Party Two Tone Short Necklace and Garden Party Drop Earrings. Stunning! (below)

    Ruby Olive Customer Model Kate, smiling, wearing a green boat neck Leina Broughton Dress with Ruby Olive Jewellery Garden Party Jewellery
    The KEY rule in our books... there are no rules! Wear what makes you feel AMAZING.

    Celebrating Amazing Women // Hola Lauren! Spreading Emme's Story

    Lauren Petit Barcelona wearing Ruby Olive EarringsLauren wears Ruby Olive Ecology Round Drop Earrings in White Mix

    We have some pretty special people surrounding us here at RO HQ, but there's one couple in particular that sticks out for all the right reasons. Situated below our office is a gorgeous, sunny slice of Spain, aptly named Petit Barcelona. A lovely couple named Lauren and Helios co-founded this artisan shoe shop, and now share the intricate craftsmanship of artisans (Grandfather José, 92 and his son Cristóbal) in Menorca, by making traditional Spanish avarca sandals available right here in Australia. (Oh, and these sandals are STUNNING and available in lots of different colours... just in case you were wondering) 

    Petit Barcelona Shoes
    We've gotten to know gorgeous Lauren quite well, and we have discovered what a kind and caring soul she is. Lauren is a mother of two, and lives her life across continents. Lauren and Helios have been in search of an "Endless Summer" and spend June - September in Spain, and the rest of the year here in Australia. They do this, all while juggling their online shop, designing and producing with the artisans in Spain, and looking after their two little ones. Talk about busy, although their motto is to live a slow life! Their version of slow living is to live in both cities (Brisbane and Barcelona), with both families, languages, cultures and opportunities.

    Lauren Petit Barcelona wearing Ruby Olive Oceania Necklace JadeLauren wears Oceania Gemstone Necklace in Jade

    Petit Barcelona has some loyal, amazing customers, so Lauren was devastated to learn that one of these customers was a mother of a little girl named Emme with a heart-wrenching medical diagnosis. Being the generous and compassionate person she is, Lauren wanted to help make a difference for Emme, so created a pair of rose mocha glitter shoes for a Emme. You can read Emme's story (as per Petit Barcelona's website) below.

    Emme's Story 
    "A new baby is like the beginning of all things. Wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities" - Eda J Leshan

    "Emme was 9 weeks old when she was given a diagnosis of Neurofibromatosis Type 1. Emme's family were devastated. This is a condition that causes tumours to form in the brain, spinal cord and nerves. It is progressive and degenerative. There is no cure. Her diagnosis sparked intense grief... a sense of loss of hope, of future. With the help of the Children's Tumour Foundation, Emme's family slowly adapted to her diagnosis. Two years later, Emme was diagnosed with a tumour in her brainstem. It's inoperable, life threatening, and no effective treatment exists. The grief is unbearable. In March 2018, Emme began 12 months of chemo. Treatment hasn't been successful. Petit Barcelona's 'Emme's shoes' have been created to help keep hope alive. All profits go directly to the Children's Tumour Foundation of Australia to help make the dream of a Brisbane clinic that supports families with kids just like Emme, a reality. Because we must look after our people who have so kindly given so much to us. This is what BRAVE looks like. This is Emme's Story."

    Emme's Shoes Petit BarcelonaGorgeous little Emme, in her Emme's Shoes

    This level of grief and the feeling of helplessness is unimaginable to us. It truly stops us in our tracks and makes us count our blessings. It just feels unfair that a gorgeous little 9 week old could be given such a drastic diagnosis at such a tender young age. Each and every person that supports causes like this really do make such a HUGE difference, if not financially, it makes a huge difference to the lives of those suffering through the pain and grief. Knowing there is support, and people who care, means the absolute world. Emme's shoes truly are our definition of style with heart. We think Lauren has done an amazing job creating Emme's shoes to act as a spark of hope while raising awareness for Emme's Story. We think Lauren is one truly amazing woman! 

    Emme's ShoesEmme's Shoes by Petit Barcelona

    Lauren has recently brought a beautiful newborn boy into the world, so we have not asked to interview her at this time as we usually do in our Celebrating Amazing Women series. However, we would love to sit down and pick her brain at some point in the future, so that we can share some of her thoughts with you. Keep an eye on this space! You can view Emme's shoes HERE, view the Petit Barcelona website HERE and the Children's Tumour Foundation Australia website HERE.

    We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comments section.

    Love RO xx