Eye Masks

Say hello to a range of super soft and stylish silk products that are luxurious and gentle on the skin, and oh so wearable! Whether you need a good night's sleep, everyday practicality, or a stylish hair accessory, our range of silk products have you covered. 

Fall asleep effortlessly and wake up feeling refreshed with our remarkably soft eye masks. Designed to sit nicely on the skin with no pulling around the eyes, you won’t ever want to take these beauties off. All of our eye masks are made with an elasticated band to provide a snug and comfortable fit - it should never be too loose or too tight around your head. 

Not only are our masks reusable and better for the environment, but they’re also better for your skin - say goodbye to breakouts! Made from 100% mulberry silk, our eye masks are hypoallergenic and have a naturally cooling effect on skin.Luxurious and wearable, our eye masks are the answer to your skin dreams. 

Sleep eye masks are a wonderful snooze aid by helping to block out external light sources while you’re trying to get some shut-eye. Light can interfere with your quality of sleep, potentially disturbing your internal ‘body’ clock. This is where our eye masks come in handy to help you create the perfect sleep environment. A much needed essential for night/shift workers and aeroplane commuters to squeeze in an extra few more hours of uninterrupted sleep. 

Offering a range of colourful and vibrant designs made in collaboration with female Australian artists, Ruby Olive has an eye mask to match the brightest of personalities!