We don't have a lot of sizes left in our current pet products and we don't have a whole lot of the matching items so it's time to mix & match. We're clearing everything for either $8 or $15 (that's 50-70% off) to make room for our brand new collection. ALL CLEARANCE sales are final. No returns, refunds or exchanges.

Calling all pet owners! It’s no secret that we love our four legged companions here at Ruby Olive... So much so, that we've designed a whole range of bright and colourful accessories dedicated to pets! We believe having the right pet accessories makes a world of difference to your pooch's comfort and happiness. With a wide range of dog collars, leads, harnesses (and more to come), we’ve made styling your best friend super simple and fun.

Forget boring leads and collars, dog walking has never been so fashionably ADORABLE. With three sizes to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit to match any hound. From the gentle giants to the miniature muchachos, no personality is too big or small for our fun and vibrant range of pet accessories. For the pals who always have something to say, check out our Rainbow Leash here.

We understand that to live life to the fullest, your four legged BEST friend will sometimes get into the muddiest of situations. So we've made our dog range super easy to clean. Made from sturdy and durable polyester, with premium metal components, our pet range is made to last and withstand the roughest of play dates.

Add some serious style points to your pooch's fit by clipping on a matching poo bag carrier to their collar or lead. Made from neoprene, our ‘Pawfect’ Waste Bag Holders are designed to be the best practical addition. All of our poopie bag holders come in reusable, biodegradable and waterproof pouches. Repurpose these handy pouches as a bag for your doggo treats.This one here is designed by Australian artist Deb McNaughton.

Natural explorers, cats are normally kept inside to keep our wildlife safe but sometimes you might want to let them wander and we have the purr-fect solution for even the grumpiest of kittens. Fashionable felines will love our incoming range of colourful cat collars and leads.

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