SNEAK PEEK // Meet The RO Dogs!

SNEAK PEEK // Meet The RO Dogs!

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It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to some of our 'paw-some' quality controllers here at Ruby Olive. We're fond of many things here at RO HQ, and dogs are right up there at the top of the list! Please stay tuned while I acquaint you with these handsome boys, and give you allll the sneak peeks of the 'paw-fect' NEW doggy bling they're rocking ;) *hint hint, nudge nudge* 

Update: These fabulous pieces are now live! SEE THE NEW RANGE 

Sandy Valentine

Name: Sandy Valentine
Breed: Groodle
Age: *almost* 4 years old
Likes: Balls and jumping on beds for morning cuddles
Good boy rating: The GOODEST of boys!

This handsome little man is the leader of our pack! Sandy is Skye's fur baby (our Chief Dreamer) and he can often be found chilling in our office under Skye's desk. Sandy gives the best cuddles ever and adores everyone (unless you're wearing fluoro - then he might do a double take). His middle name is Valentine because he found his forever home on Valentine's Day 2019 - how beautiful is that! We affectionately call him our little sheep, thanks to his adorable curls.

Sandy is woofin' adorable in the RO Liquorice Collar and Leash!

Dahlia Dog Leash

Name: Ollie
Breed: Golden Retriever
Age: *nearly* 2 years old 
Likes: Chicken treats and stuffed toys
Good boy rating: One VERY good boy!

I may have a little bias here, as this sweet boy is my very own beautiful fur baby (Britt, our Website & Marketing Manager). Ollie (also known as Oliver when he's being cheeky) is an energetic and fun loving Goldie. They don't say things give off 'Golden Retriever Energy' for no reason... he is SO loving and affectionate. Ollie is forever running up to people at the dog park for pats, cuddles and doggy kisses. We're still working on his penchant for 'retrieving' socks, but we wouldn't have it any other way. 

Ollie is one happy chap in the Dahlia Dog Collar and Leash!

Caesar wears Rainbow Dog Collar and Leash

Name: Caesar
Breed: German Shepherd
Age: 1 year old 
Likes: Balls, dad's shoes and grandkids 
Good boy rating: The best boy!

Isn't he majestic! Caesar is the handsome boy of Glenda (Skye's lovely mum). Skye has always grown up with gorgeous German Shepherds in her family, so when a litter of beautiful shepherd pups arrived right near our HQ... we just had to keep one in the RO fam! Caesar loves hanging out with all 10 (yes, 10!) grandkids and showering the whole family with endless affection. 

Caesar paw-fectly models the RO x Lordy Dordie Rainbows Leash and Collar

Name: Cash
Breed: German Shepherd
Age: 7 weeks old
Likes: Naps
Good boy rating: A very small good boy ❤️

Ummmmm, did anyone else's heart just melt too? How sweet is this little face! I must admit, Cash isn't *technically* part of our RO fam, but he is still looking for his fur-ever home. We are so lucky to have had cuddles with Cash and his litter-mates while they're reared for their new families by our office neighbours, Flour and Bloom.

Bringing home a new fur baby is such an exciting time, and we know first-hand that picking collars and leashes that reflect their individual little personalities is a special part of the process. This is part of the reason why we've added our signature colourful designs to our new range of pet products - it should be a time filled with joy! Our gorgeous little model Cash shows that RO Collars and Leashes are perfect for pups of any size! Cash wears the RO Liquorice Dog Collar and Leash

We are over the moon to have launched our brand spankin' new RO Dog Range, and we truly hope that you love it just as much as we've loved creating it for your furry best friends! Want to have a better look at all of the pieces? Click HERE to browse the full range. 

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I can’t wait for these! They look great. The dogs are all so adorable :)

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