RO INSPIRED // The top 3 things to get creativity flowing!

RO INSPIRED // The top 3 things to get creativity flowing!

This week we launched our Be The Designer Competition (read more here) and we have already had heaps of entries! Keep 'em coming, they are all super fun! 

But if you've read about it, and are thinking, "Well, I can't draw, I'm not creative, I don't know if I should enter," then stop right there! We truly believe that everyone has creativity within them, whether it is bubbling on the surface, or simmering a little bit deeper! 

All you have to do, is figure out how to tap into it and let it flow! And to help you on your way, here are our favourite ways to tap into our creative energy:

1. Get moving! 

To boost creative thinking, we love going for a walk! Whether it's a few blocks in your neighbourhood, along the river or up a mountain, getting some fresh air pumping into your lungs and changing your scenery always helps! We love putting our earbuds in and listening to a podcast (Skye) or some good tunes (Michaela). If you start thinking about something cool, make sure you have your phone ready to jot down some notes! 

2. Get some rest! 

There's nothing like a tired brain to block creative thinking! I've you have a problem, just take a hot shower, read a book and have a nap! Your subconscious mind will ponder your problem in your sleep and you'll wake up revived, fresh and ready to think clearly and creatively! 

3. Have a doodle!

Have you ever chatted on the phone with a pen in your hand and found yourself drawing funny little doodles on a notepad? It's your creativity and concentration coming together to release something! So next time you're pondering heavily, or are getting ready to design your fab RO creation, start with a pencil and a blank sheet. Don't even think about it, just let your hand to the walking and see what you come up with! 

So armed with these tips, go forth and create! 


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