RO INSPIRED // Creatively Squared #cs_bright Winners Announced!

RO INSPIRED // Creatively Squared #cs_bright Winners Announced!

Did you see our previous blog post about our Creatively Squared #cs_bright competition? In case you missed it, here's the low down. This past week, we combined forces with Creatively Squared and @erinsummer_ over on Instagram to bring you a BRIGHT challenge. We asked you to get light and joyful and bring us some creatively styled bright images. In return, we were giving you a chance to win 1 of 3 x $100 gift vouchers to use on the RO website just for spreading your creative wings! 

We had a flood of gorgeous entries, and found a heap of awesome creative people to connect with! After a very long deliberation, and lots of back and forth discussions... we have our 3 extremely deserving winners.

Drum roll please... our lucky winners await! 

Winner #1 - @ishyvi
Painted ladies ❤️🏠❤️. . . “Home is not a place , But you are Home” love this quote by @adamjk (P.S. if you are not following him yet ... you should!!). And I choose to be one of the painted ladies in San Francisco 🙈💕❤️ I love how colourful and how much personality these houses have 💖💖💖 and I loved making this house"

This gorgeous entry by 
Iswarya certainly captured our attention. The stunning, vivid colours fit the BRIGHT brief, while the caption reminded us of the warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you feel 'home' with your loved ones, regardless of where in the world you might be. The reference to iconic San Francisco architecture just sealed the deal with this fabulous entry! Congratulations Iswarya.

Winner #2 - @minimarshmallows_mum
"When your kids craft drawers come in handy for this weeks @creativelysquared challenge with @rubyoliveonline 😂 turns out feathers are even more temperamental than flowers, thankfully they don't wither if you take too long faffing about with them though! He may not have turned out exactly as I'd hoped, but after umming and ahhing for the better part of the day about whether or not I should post him, I spent too long on it not to!"

Uh, WOW! This was my immediate reaction to this fierce feline created just for us by Chantelle of @minimarshmallows_mum. We're SO GLAD you posted this one Chantelle, and I bet you're glad you are too now that you're one of our 3 lucky winners! The combination of colours and detail Chantelle has created with limited materials is simply ahhhmazing. Congratulations Chantelle!

Winner #3  - @karenbakercreative
"9️⃣ years with you by my side❣️ 

Time flies when I’m having fun living life with my best friend ❤️ Here’s to many more years of adventures, love, laughter, happiness and being silly together (like above) 😆 Happy Anniversary Mr Baker!"

Last but certainly not least, we have the photo that single-handedly melted my heart from Karen. Celebrating 9 years with her partner, Karen posted this GORGEOUS moment from an extremely Instagram-worthy pop up exhibition in Brisbane. You can't argue with love, especially when it's so beautifully illuminated by bright, colourful neons. Congratulations Karen!

Congratulations to our 3 lucky winners, and thank you to EVERYONE who entered. Which entries were your favourites? Let us know below...

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