Celebrating Amazing Women // Maggie Beer

Celebrating Amazing Women // Maggie Beer

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(Image via @melindabuttle on Instagram - awesome host third from the left!)

This week's series of celebrating amazing women is a little bit different. We haven't had the chance to sit down with this amazing woman, but we're extremely excited to be celebrating her nonetheless. We're thrilled to announce that the FABULOUS Maggie Beer, (along with the hilarious Claire Hooper), will be adorned in our jewels on the upcoming series of The Great Australian Bake Off on the Lifestyle channel.

I just about fell off my chair when I received an email to say that Maggie Beer would be wearing our Paradiso Artisan Flat Necklace, and asking whether we could create some custom matching earrings. The response was a quick... ummm, YES! We've long adored Maggie and think she is utterly fabulous. We've often thrown around Maggie's name when daydreaming of people we'd love to see in our jewels. 

If you've never heard of Maggie, she's an Australian household name best known for cooking up delicious creations as a TV chef, and for her range of delectable goodies that you can eat at home. Maggie also does fabulous work improving the quality of life (and food) of the elderly through her charity the Maggie Beer Foundation. Maggie's awesome style is just the cherry on top of many reasons deeming her so outstanding!

Ruby Olive jewellery is an excellent fit for Maggie, you may not know this but she is close to 6ft tall! For this reason, she loves her jewels BIG and BOLD. We think our jewels complement her perfectly, and we can't wait to see more of our favourite pieces being worn by Maggie and Claire throughout the series. This necklace in particular is a standout, as each bead is hand poured and unique. All of these necklaces are individual, just like their wearer! 

Paradiso Artisan Flat Necklace
Paradiso Flat Artisan Necklace $85

If you love all things baking, (and fabulous style) be sure to tune in to the upcoming series of the Great Australian Bake Off. We'll certainly be watching out for our jewels in amongst the sweet treats created by the contestants. Be sure to drop us a message if you see some RO out in the wild.

Love, RO

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