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    RO's World — Celebrating Amazing Women

    Celebrating Amazing Women // Our Clever Artisans

    This year I celebrated Australia Day on the 25th of January and I was lucky enough to be in the company of an amazing group of ladies. 

    Let me introduce to you our very clever artisans in the Philippines. 

    I’m incredibly proud and consider myself so very lucky to have these women as part of the Ruby Olive family.  These are the women that help bring my ideas and concepts to life.  They are the women that are responsible for every single part of our manufacturing process.  They hand mix all my crazy colours, they hand make all my wierd shaped molds, they hand pour the resin into the molds (including my quirky requests for organic looking swirls), they hand sand every bead, they hand drill each component and they hand polish and hand string each and every piece (wow, that’s a lot of hands) to make the jewellery you proudly wear.

    These ladies are the most giving, sweet and beautiful women, who certainly love a good laugh.

    When I was thinking about this post I initially was going to post pictures of the ‘HOW’, such as detailed videos of our making process, but after some thought, I realised the most empowering and most meaningful part of our process was definitely the ‘WHO’.

    After all, it’s people that matter most. 

    The people at every touch point > beginning, middle and end. 

    The clever people at the beginning who make for us.  The amazing people in the middle who work with us. The fabulous people at the end who buy from us. 

    It’s because of YOU > supporting ME > that enables US > to support THEM. 

    And that means an awful lot to me. 

    So, I wanted to say a huge heartfelt  THANK YOU!

    Thank YOU for helping me support these amazing women, which in turn helps THEM support their own family’s future. 


    Ruby Olive Chief Dreamer + Designer

    Celebrating Amazing Women // Meet Connie from @cloudsincolor!

    If you're an Instagram user, you may have found yourself in a land of endless scrolling... I think we've all been there. It can be easy to get caught up in the seemingly endless world of colour, creativity and entertainment that's right at your fingertips. One fine afternoon, we found ourselves in the land of the endless Insta scroll, but this time we struck gold. Pure, solid, sparkly, gold. You see, all of this scrolling led us to a gorgeous Belizean-Latina lady named Connie, or @cloudsincolor  (on Instagram). Connie instantly gave off an effervescent feel; she seemed like such a carefree and colourful soul. We fell in love with her style and Instagram feed, so we reached out to say hi and basically ask in a really non-creepy way if we could be friends. Cut to Connie looking FABULOUS in our jewels, and us wanting to share her story and celebrate her colourful creativity with the Ruby Olive community. Read our interview with Connie below.

    RO: Tell us a little bit about yourself...

    CC: I am a color-enthusiast living the rainbow life in sunny Southern California. I have a passion for colorful and fun style! I find dressing in bright happy colors brings me such joy, that I have begun sharing that joy on social media and it has allowed me to connect with so many fellow-color lovers.

    Connie wears the Contrast Striped Edge Earrings in Multi

    RO: What does your average day look like?
    CC: Saturday is my favorite day of the week. I get so much done and always find time to see my family and friends. On a typical Saturday, I get up early and prepare to photo shoot content for the upcoming week. Some weeks I have specific ideas to photograph and other times I just venture out and hope for something good to pop up! I start by styling a fun colorful outfit with my favorite accessories and then before I leave the house I put on the perfect shoes to finish the look. I always take a few options along with me in case something works better for a particular moment. After running around town all morning, I can be found shopping at vintage stores or relaxing with my friends in LA’s vibrant nightlife.

    RO: If you could do anything in the world, what would it be and where?
    CC: I would be a fulltime creator here in Los Angeles. In a dream world, I could make a living bringing all the wild ideas floating around in my brain to life. I would have no limits to my creativity and I could collaborate with other creatives and artists. First on my list would be a line of hats and dresses followed by home decor.

    RO: How would you describe your style? Is there a defining moment that helped shape your awesome style?
    CC: My style is pop-vintage-rainbow-kitsch with a focus on fun and classic lines. I slowly began transitioning my wardrobe from neutrals to color by incorporating statement hats and accessories. That led to colorful rainbow hair and I kept going until I finally felt like myself. Now, I can incorporate high end pieces with a novelty bag, in the shape of a flamingo and that works for me. My only rule of thumb is, if something doesn’t make me feel good and confident I don’t wear it.

    RO: Have you always loved colour?
    CC: Yes! My Caribbean upbringing was always filled with insane amounts of color. From the food to the architecture, the influence of my Belizean heritage is where my love of color began.

    RO: While we’re on the topic of colour, I need to know… how many different colours has your hair been?!
    CC: I’ve had every color in the rainbow and there still seems to be so many more options to explore. I always come back to pink somehow but I’m in a very blue and purple place right now.

    Connie wears the Carousel Bubblegum Necklace 

    RO: What’s a favourite hobby of yours?
    CC: Sewing. I love making my own clothes and designing textile prints. I have a background in costume design so when I can’t find something I make it!

    RO: Tell us something we’d never guess about you?
    CC: I’m a trained classical singer. I still sing a great deal and I’m so thankful my husband enjoys it.

    RO: What makes you happiest?
    CC: Feeling comfortable in my own skin. Self-love makes loving others and life in general so much better!

    RO: What do you love about Ruby Olive accessories?
    CC: Color and texture! Every piece is as colorful as it is polished with a smooth soft texture that feels great to wear all day. Finding colorful accessories that exude elegance is no easy feat.

    RO: What would you pick as a go-to Ruby Olive piece and why?
    CC: Hands down my go-to piece is the Carousel Abstract Stripe Necklace. It works for each part of my life and helps me bring a little pop of color to every outfit. I wear it to dress up a casual sundress or to add a playful element to my business looks. It’s such a versatile accessory and it’s always a big hit when I wear it.

    We'd like to give a HUGE big thanks to this gorgeous woman for letting us into her world and giving us the opportunity to learn a little more about her. I have no doubt that Connie will make her mark on the world in a big, colourful way. Check her out on Instagram here: @cloudsincolor

    DREAMING OF A BRIGHT CHRISTMAS // with Alyssa from @alhblog

    The gorgeous Alyssa, of @alhblog on Instagram and online, recently modelled a few of our gorgeous pieces. Alyssa is a graphic designer from Seattle, with one of the most fabulously colourful instagram feeds. Check out her write up on her Ruby Olive jewels below... 

    "What outfit isn't made better after accessorizing? Today I'm teaming up with Ruby Olive to style their awesome jewelry for these chillier days! If you like statement pieces be sure to check out their website for some funky earrings like the ones I'm wearing here (mine are the "white multi")! Everything I ordered was surprisingly light weight, and their aesthetic is fun and bright all year round.

    In the winter and fall it can be difficult to find clothes that feel my style. I'm all about the cozy sweaters and giant blanket scarves, but I love them even more when they're colorful! When I first saw this Marlowe Boutique cardigan on instagram I knew I had to have it, and it's been a staple in my closet ever since - whether I'm wrapped up in it at work, or staying warm during my Christmas shopping trips. The texture goes perfectly with these earrings and gives a whimsical vibe that I really like! 

    Expect to see more of my Ruby Olive accessories in the future, and in the mean time be sure to browse their collection here."


    Celebrating Amazing Women // Meet Kate!

    One of our FAVOURITE perks about doing what we love is having the chance to meet the gorgeous people within our community. If you've been following Ruby Olive for a while, you may have noticed that we put frequent call outs for our customers to come and be our models. The reason for this is because well, who else looks better in our jewels than YOU! The real people behind our brand. 

    Kate wearing Contrast Striped Edge Necklace
    Kate wears the Contrast Striped Edge Necklace in Multi $85

    Pictured above is the gorgeous Kate, who quickly shot up her hand to be our most recent customer model. Kate has been a customer of ours for a while now, and we thought she'd be perfect to come and have a play with our upcoming (and unreleased!) jewels. We got to know a little more about Kate, and found out what a lovely, and kind soul she is. 

    Read on to find out more about Kate's story, and how she found her way into our colourmad world in a very bittersweet way...

    RO: Tell us a little bit about yourself?

    K: I'm a mum, 41, 3 kids, a qualified accountant but currently work as a tutor at UQ through the Business School.

    RO: Why did you say YES! to being a RO superstar model?

    K: There was no other answer! Yes was a definite. I saw the post that Skye put on Facebook and I thought absolutely! I'd love to do that.  

    P.S. The post Kate is talking about above was posted in our private Facebook group, where we often put callouts for customer models, ask for design opinions, hold exclusive sales, and early releases of new collections. Click HERE to join! 

    Kate wears Wonderland Flat Disc Necklace
    Kate wears the Wonderland Flat Disc Necklace $45

    RO: How did you find RO?

    K: A few years ago after my second child was born, I suffered from severe post natal depression. A girlfriend of mine encouraged both of us to do a TAFE course where we made some jewellery, and my love of resin jewellery developed. Meanwhile, another girlfriend of mine found someone wearing some RO one day and asked her where she got her piece from, and she said it was Ruby Olive. My girlfriend told me about this and the rest is history... 

    RO: What does being part of the RO Community mean to you?

    K: It's a great place to share people's ideas for what they're wearing for the day, and how they put jewellery into their everyday lives. It's really great to see people dressed up, and dressed down. It's great to share. 

    RO: What's your signature style?

    K: My signature style is definitely jeans and a nice top, as says Styling You! My signature style is green too, green is what I love. I absolutely love the colour green in dresses, tops, or jewellery... 

    RO: What's your go-to Ruby Olive piece?

    K: That's definitely my Mod Squad Ring! I wear it all the time, it's firmly on my finger. 

    RO: What's something you're passionate about?

    K: I am passionate about my family, my husband, my 3 children. Within that, I love reading and I love teaching my children to read, following reading websites, and finding out about books. I absolutely think it's the key to all of learning. 

    RO: What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

    K: My dad always used to say to me that you can't have the good without the bad, and that applies to everything.

    RO: What's your best life hack?

    K: Best life hack - dry shampoo!  For sure.

    Kate wearing Aurora Solar Necklace Orange

    Kate wears the Aurora Solar Necklace in Orange $48

    RO: If you could go anywhere in the world for 2 days, where would you go? 

    K: I would DEFINITELY go to Paris! I love Paris, I've been there before. I studied French at school, and I love all things Parisian. 

    RO: What's your drink of choice?

    K: Skinny cappuccino in the AM, and oh it could be anything in the PM... love a nice glass of wine! 

    RO: Tell us a funny story about... your kiddies! 

    K:  Oh there's so many, one particular one... My 6 year old daughter said to me, "Mum, I really want to be a mum and have children when I grow up" and I said "well you can! What's wrong?" and she said "well mum, I do NOT want a man to put his penis inside my vagina!"

    RO: Cats or dogs?

    K: DOGS!  

    A big HUGE thanks to the lovely Kate for joining us on set and taking the time to let us get to know her a bit better. You can view all of Kate's gorgeous photos across our website and on our social media channels! Watch our video interview with Kate here: 

    Who would you nominate as our next SUPERSTAR customer model?

    Celebrating Amazing Women // Introducing Megan of Children's Books Daily

    Megan wears Stardust Heart Drop Earrings $29 and Everyday Bangles $22

    Each time we do another series of Celebrating Amazing Women, it can be a little overwhelming knowing where to start and focus our energy. You see, there are SO many fabulous women surrounding us and within our local community, and I mean a LOT, to the point where we can't possibly showcase all of these incredible women at once.

    However, sometimes certain people waltz into your life that you know are particularly special. One such superstar that we've always wanted to put in the RO spotlight is Megan Daley. Megan is the voice behind the fabulous blog Children's Books Daily, a teacher librarian at St Aidan's Anglican Girls School in Brisbane, QLD and a busy mum of two gorgeous girls. Perhaps one of the coolest librarians around, Megan is passionate about children's literature and sharing it with young and old alike.

    Megan wears Contrast Striped Edge Bangle $45 and Everyday Bangles $22

    We were first introduced to Megan as a customer of ours through Instagram, when she started tagging us in her fabulous photos. We noticed the amazing work she does, how passionate and 'real' her writing is, and started to follow her journey (oh, and let's not forget she obviously has AMAZING taste in accessories...). Megan has been a part of our RO community for years now, so naturally we thought it was time to invite her to come and jump in front of our camera and tell us a bit more about her story.

    Read our full interview with Megan below...

    RO: Megan, was there a defining moment when you fell in love with literature and knew you wanted to spend your life immersed in it?

    MD: That’s a really good question, I’ve not been asked that before! My mother is a teacher librarian and both my parents read aloud to us I was a tween around the time mum was at university studying teacher librarianship and I distinctly remember the influx of astonishingly good books into our home. It was in this period that I discovered the books that set me on the path to being a lifelong reader. Books like Dicey's Song, Came Back to Show You I Could Fly and John Marsden's iconic, So Much To Tell You blew my teenage angsty brain and I still hold these books amongst my 'Top Ten' books ever. This was definitely the time I fell in love with literature, but at that stage I don’t think it occurred to me that it was an option to work amongst such gorgeousness every day.

    RO: What’s your favourite part about your job/s (you have a few!)?

    MD: As a teacher librarian, my favourite part of the job is finding the right book for the right child and playing a small part in the literary lives of my students. I love being a part of giving young people the skills to be critical consumers of literature and lovers of words and images.

    My favourite part of being a children’s book blogger is connecting parents with the right book for their child and creating an online community of people who adore all things children’s and YA literature; it’s such a fabulous place to hang out and meet other like-minded literary souls.

    When I really look at it - I’d say that connection is the key for me in both jobs. I love connecting with people of all ages over books.

    RO: The library you are currently at was voted Australia's Favourite School Library and you have won state and national awards for librarianship. What makes your library cooler than the rest? What do you do differently?

    MD: Look – our school library is pretty cool I have to say. It was built as part of the Building the Education Revolution (BER) funding but what I think made our project different to many other library building projects that happened as a result of this funding was that our school management allowed teaching staff to be involved in the design process, so it really works as a space of teaching and learning. The same school management also sees the value in teacher librarians and what we offer the entire school community – so we have a great space, which is also staffed with trained professionals. To me a school library is at the very centre of creative and powerful school communities. Our library is there to serve the whole school community, it offers overwrought little minds refuge from a crowded curriculum, a cool escape from a bustling, steamy Brisbane playground, a place to inquire, wonder and be creative and a place to connect with quality children’s literature and engage with like-minded lovers of literature.  

    When I won the QLD Teacher Librarian of the Year and then the National Dromkeen Librarians Award at the end of last year I was overwhelmed and humbled, as there is some amazing librarians and teacher librarians in Australia! All I do differently to any of the other quality teacher librarians I know is squawk a little louder (which my family will attest to) about the importance of introducing young people and their parents and carers to the wonder of children’s literature and the joy of libraries. 

    Megan wears Stardust Lightning Bolt Earrings $27

    RO: What does being part of the RO Community mean to you?

    MD: I mentioned connection with like-minded souls earlier, and being part of the RO community is the same thing for me. When you find your tribe, you should love them hard and I love the people I’ve met offline who also love Ruby Olive products and I feel very at home with the online tribe you guys have formed; Ruby Olives pieces are vibrant, quirky and joyful so it makes sense that the people who form the RO Community are going to be of the same ilk!

    RO: What first attracted you to Ruby Olive Jewellery and what is it about the brand that speaks to you?

    MD: In about 2011, I  remember seeing Ruby Olive pieces in a store at Paddington, Brisbane and wanting to immediately touch these little nuggets of resin and add these pops of colour to my wardrobe. The feel of resin has always appealed to me, it’s so flipping tactile and lovely and such a versatile material and I was quite taken with how Skye Anderton was using it to create these pieces of wearable art that were pretty out there in terms of colour and pattern but were still accessible…they are just so fun! I love that each piece of jewellery/art that Skye creates tells a story and when I found out that the brand was named after her grandmother I was totally sold and have been a devotee of the brand ever since.  As a teacher librarian I clearly adore stories and colour is a huge part of picture book creation so it’s a natural fit for me and I have really loved aligning myself with a brand which is creative, ever-evolving and pushes boundaries.

    Megan wears Stardust Star Stud Earrings $24

    RO: Is there one key piece of advice you’ve learned through hardships, or something that has helped shape who you are today, that you could share with the RO Community?

    MD: Oh glory me you are
    so not making me stick to one piece of advice!

    I lost my beloved husband and father to our two young girls, Daniel John Daley, in 2017 when he suffered a fatal heart attack. I have also lost a brother and my favourite aunt in the last few years and, as a family, our lives have been turned inside out and upside down and then stomped all over. It has been the most horrific time and we are still far from ‘okay’ but the girls and I are working hard to establish our new normal and to find the teeny moments of joy and colour in each day.

    If someone you know has experienced the loss of a loved one, here is the pared down version of my advice:

    Remove the phrase, ‘what do you need from me’ from your vocab. Just pick something you can manage and do that one thing.  The grief-striken do not have the capacity to think of what they need, nor can they think of who to call for help when they need it.

    Be in it for the long haul. The first few months, even the first year, the bereaved are surrounded in a bubble of love and meals. The second year, life carries on. This is completely as it should be, because life does indeed carry on, but for the bereaved life is changed forever. The text messages I get at 10pm at night saying variations of ‘we see you. We know you are hurting’ reduce me to tears and comfort me like nothing else.  Continue to invite the bereaved to social events, understanding that they may say ‘no’ 100 times over before they say yes…because it’s incredibly hard to attend or commit to social occasions when your life is in turmoil and your emotions change every five minutes.

    Add colour to the life of the grief-striken. Be it in the form of flowers, books, food or jewellery – colour given to me by people I love, and people I hardly know, has been such a blessing. My list of books on grief is here. On the days I am really not feeling okay, I often add colour and hope for the best.  My hair might be more dry shampoo than hair and my clothes might be covered in dog hair but I honestly feel so much better when I put on some colour. I’ve struggled with ‘what does a widow look like’ but I’ve kind of also embraced the term ‘widow’ because I am one and I want to acknowledge Dan in my life as my husband…so widow-chic it is. Sigh…

    Don’t be weird. I don’t think this needs further explanation. The bereaved don’t need weird on top of everything else.

     I don't know about you, but I could listen to and read Megan's gorgeous words for hours. There's something so enchanting about the way she communicates, which would be one of the reasons why she has such a fiercely fabulous and loyal online tribe through Children's Books Daily. Thanks so much to the lovely Megan for taking the time to come and take some happy snaps, and for sitting down and chatting with us. If you've fallen in love with Megan's beautiful way with words above, or want to find out more about the fantastic world of literature, read more over on

    Our Chief Dreamer Skye talks all things life with Megan below...