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    RO's World

    Australian Bush Fire Emergency // How To Help Those In Need

    Our gorgeous country is burning, and we are absolutely heartbroken by the devastation being caused. Australia is unlike any other country in the world. The destruction caused, tragic loss of life, homes, flora and fauna is simply unfathomable. All of our love and thoughts are with those affected by the fires. A huge big THANK YOU to the firies (including the countless volunteers) putting their lives on the line to help fight these bush fires and protect lives, homes, and towns.
    We've been watching the events unfold, and have felt totally helpless. However, together, we can all help to make a huge difference to the lives of those affected by the fires. 

    *Image Credit Kasey Rainbow via donation fundraiser

    All of the RO girls have individually donated and are helping wherever, and however they can. We are all equally devastated. If you'd like to help too, donating directly to reputable organisations is the best way to do so to help provide forms of quick and immediate relief. I'll pop some links below so that you can make informed decisions about where you'd like to help out. Donations over $2 are all tax deductible, and each donation makes such an enormous difference. Each and every cent counts.

    Australian Bushfire Crisis - Statistics

    Red Cross >>>…/disaster-relief-and-recovery-…
    Salvation Army >>>
    Food Bank >>>…/make-a-donation/donate-funds/…
    Givit >>>

    NSW Rural Fire Service:…/support-your-local-brigade
    Country Fire Authority Victoria:
    South Australian Country Fire Service:
    Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland:

    WIRES >>>
    WWF >>> 

    The next best way to help >>> once the fires have been put out (predicted to be in March or April 😢) and it is safe to do so, if you have the capacity, why not plan a road trip and visit a town near you that has been affected. Purchase their fuel, visit and purchase from their gift shops and supermarkets, and help the locals rebuild their towns to their new sense of normal in any way you can. We certainly will be.

    Once the fires are extinguished, there is still lots of work to be done to help communities slowly rebuild. You can start helping now, by taking a look at Turia Pitt's "Spend With Them" initiative here. It is a page full of regional businesses doing it tough during the fires. If you need to purchase something specific, why not have a look over the page and purchase with them to support the people in need of financial assistance now. 

    As not everyone has the capacity to help financially, we have researched and found a heap of practical ways to assist for those who would still love to help.

    Click here to learn more about crafting wildlife pouches to the animals who have been burned and/or lost their habitats.

    Click here to learn about fauna wildfood balls, which are used as a food source for displaced animals.

    Click here to learn more about our drop off points, and how you can help by donating items for victims of the fires.

    Australian Bush Fire Emergency // Fauna Wildfood Balls

    EDIT 11 Jan 2020:  Fauna Wildlife Balls are no longer needed.

    We have written how we are feeling about the Australian Bushfire Crisis here. It is devastating, but there are a number of ways we can help! For some practical ways to help, see the Fauna Wildfood Balls recipe below, or check the links at the bottom of this post for other ways to help. 

    The Ruby Olive HQ team will be running working bees to create "Fauna Wildfood Balls" as a form of sustenance for surviving wild animals, who have lost their food source. These balls will be placed out under logs, rocks, in tree hollows, any safe places where fauna can search them out to supplement feed, but not become prey to predators.

    These fauna wildfood balls can be made in bulk, frozen, and sent out as requested and needed by Animal Rescue Groups. We will be running a drive in our Brisbane head office to make a bulk batch. If you would like to create your own batch of fauna wildfood balls, you can find the recipe below. Thanks so much to Karan White for all of the information, photos, and recipe which is via the Animal Rescue Collective! You can view Karan's original post here



    • 1kg packet of Quick Oats
    • 1 packet of Spirulina (70 – 100gm) – can be found in health aisle of Coles, Woolies and most supermarkets, or in health food or bulk supply stores
    • 1/2 cup of maple syrup
    • Water to bring it all together


    • Mix dry ingredients together
    • Add remaining ingredients and water as required to bring it all together *don’t add too much water - it make the balls too sticky*
    • Form into small balls – each batch should yield around 130 balls
    • Freeze or refrigerate

    Karan White Wildfood Fauna Balls

    Please get in contact with us if you would like to volunteer to help make these wildfood balls with us, or if you need more info on where to send your finished product.  More details can also be found HERE.

    As not everyone has the capacity to help in this way, we have researched and found a heap of financial and practical ways to assist for those who would still love to help. 

    Click here to learn more about crafting wildlife pouches to the animals who have been burned and/or lost their habitats.

    Click here to learn about how to assist financially. 

    Click here to learn more about our drop off points, and how you can help by donating items for victims of the fires.


    EDIT 11 Jan 2020:  Fauna Wildlife Balls are no longer needed.

    Australian Bush Fire Statistics Infographic 8/1/2020

    Australian Bush Fire Emergency // Let's get crafting

    The Ruby Olive HQ team will be running working bees to craft animal pouches that are desperately needed by rescue shelters and hospitals. Our first crafting bee date is Saturday the 18th of January in Brisbane. Please RSVP HERE if you would like to come along! We will also be making "Fauna Wildlife Balls" as a form of sustenance for wild animals (find out more HERE). You can also read what we've written about the fires and devastation caused + find out where and how to donate financially HERE, and donate items HERE. 

    The wildlife pouches from our craft working bees will be donated directly to the The Rescue Collective and Animal Rescue Collective (ARC) and Animal Rescue Craft Guild. These organisations are all one team, alongside many rescue groups helping the fire zones across 5 states, backed by a registered charity (MKC). 100% volunteer run. They coordinate the making and supply of craft items that can be used by animal rescues.

    We will be sending off completed pouches directly to these organisations, and for anyone who cannot help in person with us, but sends their completed pouches to RO HQ, we will refund all postage costs in the form of Ruby Olive Dollars (i.e. a gift card or store credit in the amount of postage).

    If you'd like to help, or join in, please see the info below...

    See the below traffic light image, it is updated every few weeks.

    What is needed most - bush fire emergency - animal craft guild
    All the patterns can be found under the ‘Files’ tab (link below). On your browser this tab is found on the left hand side of the screen. On a mobile this list will be at the top under the Craft Guild header - swipe through to get to Files. These are admin APPROVED patterns. 

    Sewers: Joey pouches, hanging joey pouches, bat wraps, quilts and blankets. No hand sewn items.
    Crocheters: Birds nests, blankets, joey pouch outers, animal jumpers.
    Knitters: Blankets, joey pouch outers, animal jumpers.

    • Every outer pouch needs 2-3 liners.
    • Hanging pouches are very needed too.
    • All sizes are needed from tiny pouches for sugar gliders all the way to large sizes that fit older kangaroo joeys.
      • Inner pouches: 100% natural fibre only (cotton, bamboo, linen, silk). Flannelette or plain cotton are great, some carers love stretchy t-shirt cotton. Upcycled bed sheets and doona covers are perfect for these. Fabric should be very soft (what you would give to a baby). French seams are a MUST for all joey pouch liners.
      • Outer pouches: Cotton, flannelette, polar fleece, wool, jersey, sweatshirt material, etc. Poly blends and synthetics are OK. Carers have their own preferences based on their experience and environment. French seams are not needed for outer pouches.
    • 100% cotton flannelette is preferred.
    • Stuff them so they feel like a firm teddy bear.
    • Only polyfil for the pillow
    • A variety of sizes are needed (from 3-12 inches in diameter).
    • Recommended to use one thread of a cotton 8-10ply and one thread of 8ply acrylic with a 5 to 5.5mm hook. But two of wool/two of acrylic is fine.
    • No yarns that are ‘fluffy’ like mohair
    If you're the crafty type and would love to make some pouches, wraps or nests, YES PLEASE, we would LOVE to get them sent over from you...we'll even reimburse your postage in Ruby Olive Dollars. 

    Send or drop-off your pouches, wraps and nests directly to us, as we are a drop off hub, if you ship them we'll exchange your postage cost for Ruby Olive Dollars. Please drop off or send your completed pouches/wraps/nests to: Ruby Olive Jewellery, 19/25 Samuel Street, Camp Hill, QLD 4152.

    Alternatively, if you would like to send to another Drop Off Hub check the list out here:

    Australian Bushfire Crisis Statistics

    The Power of Community // RO Frocktober High Tea

    Frocktober Team Shot

    WOW... What a frocking spectacular event this was! Recently, the Ruby Olive HQ team and a FABULOUS bunch of Frocking ROckstars came together at Covent Garden in Brisbane to help raise much needed funds for women's cancers. 

    What is a 'Frocking ROckstar', I hear you ask? Let's start off with a little bit of background info... Did you know that 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 85? There are some seriously scary statistics around women's cancers, and sadly as it stands, they remain silent killers.

    Frocktober Ladies
    October is an awareness month for both breast and ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer does not have any early detection tests, and up until last year, had absolutely no funding or support from the government for research. Zip, zilch, nada, none - which is simply heartbreaking for those affected by this form of cancer and their loved ones.

    The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) created Frocktober in an aim to raise funds for further research, and in an effort to create an early detection test. Our fabulous customer and friend Sue, organised a Ruby Olive Frocktober team called the Frocking 'RO'ckstars - an amazing group of women, who just happen to also love Ruby Olive.

    Frocktober High Tea Fun
    Our team fundraising event here in Brisbane was a High Tea at a gorgeous gin bar. I know, I know... A high tea at a gin bar with a fantastic cause, what could be better?! It was amazing. We all came together for a day of laughs, chats, food, fundraising and gin. Collectively we raised just shy of $1000 to add to the Frocking ROckstars tally.

    The current fundraising total is now sitting at over $12000 (at time of publishing). How incredible is that! It blows us away seeing how phenomenal our community is, especially when everyone comes together, and the amazing things they achieve. See our high tea highlights and the gorgeous women who made it possible HERE.

    Jewels for Cancer!
    So our question to you now... Can you help us reach $15000? We have created an adorable Jewels for Cancer Earring Pack to help raise more funds. $5 from every pack sold will go directly towards supporting women's cancers. Look fab while doing good! So far we've raised an extra $450 (split evenly between breast and ovarian cancer) with our Clips 4 Cancer. Each and every cent truly counts. Can you help?

    All the ways you can get involved:
    > Grab your Jewels for Cancer Earrings Packs 
    > Donate directly on the Frocking ROckstars page
    > SHARE with your friends and family 

    Love RO xx

    Indigenous Literacy Day // Featuring Dr. Anita Heiss

    Can you help us support the ILF?

    Today is Indigenous Literacy Day, an Australian celebration of Indigenous culture, stories, language and literacy launched by The Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF). If you've never heard of the ILF, I highly recommend viewing the video below to understand why they are so incredibly important.

    We're super proud to be raising much needed funds for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. We will be donating $10 from every Ruby Olive order over $50 until Saturday 7th the September 2019. 

    When we were thinking about who could tell us a little bit more about Indigenous literature, we certainly didn't have to think for long as there was one woman that sprang to mind instantly...the phenomenal Dr Anita Heiss. 

    Anita Heiss in the Indigenous Literacy Foundation OfficeAnita is not only a lifetime ambassador of The Indigenous Literacy Foundation, she's also one of Australia's most prolific and well-known authors publishing across numerous genres. Check out Anita's adult novels here, kids books here and her highly acclaimed anthology Growing up Aboriginal in Australia, oh and she also just happens to have amazing taste in jewels too.  

    Anita is a proud member of the Wiradjuri nation of Central New South Wales, but was born in Gadigal country, spent much of her life on Dharawal land near La Perouse, but is now living in Brisbane on Jagera and Turrbal country. 
    We chatted to Anita about the importance of Indigenous literature and literacy, and asked her how she thought the wider Australian community can help. 

    Anita gave us the following thought provoking responses, along with simple and effective ways you can get involved and show your support. 

    Anita Heiss Wearing Oceania Jade Necklace
    "Literature by Indigenous authors is important because it reflects the way we see ourselves, our truths in history, our lives and contributions to society today. Our literature not only showcases where we fit into the national literary landscape, but where we sit on the Australian identity radar

    It’s essential that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children see themselves in the books they read and can relate to the experiences of the characters they engage with on the page. 

    Many, if not most Indigenous people in remote communities speak more than two or three local languages, which demonstrates their knowledge and intelligence. But the reality is they are surrounded in their daily lives by communications in English. Warning information, signs and labels that keep people safe. Information on food packaging that allow for healthy choices. Street signs to get to places. These are basic daily needs in terms of being literate in English.

    Just as important, is the capacity and desire for young Indigenous kids to read books that bring them joy. Books that tell stories they can relate to in both English and their own languages. Books that entertain, engage and also educate. Books that improve literacy so that they too can live a full life, because I know first-hand that reading opens doors to all of life’s wonderful opportunities.

    Kids who can read English can search the internet and see what’s happening around the world. They can have conversations with other young people outside their communities. They can be social on a different level. This is not to diminish what they have which is rich and significant. Literacy just provides more opportunities, which many of us take for granted every day – including having access to books in our homes, in school libraries, and in public libraries." 

    The Indigenous Literacy Foundation makes such a HUGE difference to the lives of Indigenous families by not only helping kids learn how to read, but also running programs inspiring communities to tell and publish their own stories. 

    Help us support Indigenous Literacy Foundation from now until Saturday (7 Sept). We are donating $10 from every Ruby Olive order over $50 directly to the ILF.  Start Shopping!

    We think of our own childhoods and all the children around us now, we have books written in our own language everywhere around us, it's certainly easy to see how we can take that for granted. 

    Our ask to you? Spend 3 mins watching the below video, share it and perhaps hold a Great Book Swap. Let's celebrate Indigenous Literacy Day together! It's an important topic and conversation not just for First Nation Australians, but it's also an opportunity to create more awareness and a deeper understanding for all Australians. 

    SUPPORT THE ILFFind out more and help spread the word here:

    INSTAGRAM > @IndigenousLiteracyFoundation

    FACEBOOK > @IndigenousLiteracyFoundation

    TWITTER > @IndigenousLF