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    RO's World

    International Women's Day // Celebrating YOU Today, And Every Day

    International Women’s Day makes us stop and take a moment to think about women who inspire us… women who uplift others, women who champion other women and support those around them. So, who do we think of straight away?


    Yep, wonderful, incredible YOU. 

    Our community is chock a block full of fabulous unsung heroes who continually combine the everyday grind and necessities with their passions, hobbies, careers, plus a whole host of other KICK-ASS achievements. Whether it be self publishing books, making medical breakthroughs, performing beautiful random acts of kindness, speaking up and supporting others, raising gorgeous kids, or caring for other family members, you all blow us away in your own unique way. 

    You are the women who don’t have enough hours in the day but still seem to achieve outstanding things every. single. day. (Even when you don't always get the recognition you deserve). Today on International Women’s Day and EVERY day, we’re celebrating YOU. We see you, we know how much you do, we value you, and we think you’re absolutely amazing just as you are. Thank you for being such a special part of our Ruby Olive community.

    Oh, and P.S. a gorgeous member of our Ruby Olive team just modelled for her favourite dress brand, Review Australia as a part of their International Women's Day campaign. Read more and see her strutting her stuff HERE. We couldn't be any prouder of the fabulous Sabrina!

    Our very own #reviewgirl // Celebrating The Amazing Sabrina!

    We are absolutely proud as punch to share that our very own Dream Fulfilment Specialist Sabrina, was selected to be part of the Review Australia International Women's Day #reviewgirl campaign. The reason we are so proud is not just because of the gorgeous photos, it's about a super important message behind this campaign. It's a message we share throughout the year by celebrating women each and every day and using our customers as our models. It's the message that you are amazing, just the way you are, in the skin you are in! Sabrina puts it beautifully below. Stick with us, it's a long post, but so worth the read. Take it away Sabrina...


    I am proud because I put myself ‘out there’ and was selected to be a ‘real Review Girl’ for their International women’s day campaign. 💖

    It was an incredible day on set and I wish nothing more than for others to experience the same thing. ❤️

    This ‘real woman’ campaign needs to be a success. 

    I am proud, because I try to teach my girls to be happy and proud in their skin but it’s so hard when marketing all features size 6/8 ‘perfect’ face, blonde, young models. And especially proud that I was chosen for my ‘audition tape’ letting my personality shine through as recently some kids commented to my girls that their mum is fat. Which is fine, it opened up the conversation about how each body is different and should be celebrated, while still looking after yourself. Having a tummy does not equal unhealthy!

    I am super proud of who I am representing, who we so rarely see in any advertising:
    - the mum/ woman who always puts herself last
    - the mum/woman who gets her hair done once/ twice a year
    - the mum still rocking a mum tum going on 7 years now
    - the mum/ woman who still shops for clothes over the age of 30
    - the mum/ woman who has marked and pigmented skin and wrinkles

    Please, please, please when you see this brand new Review campaign, interact with the social media and shop if you can. ❤️

    Like, comment and tag on all the posts. Tag your friends, mums, sisters, cousins, TAG ME!! 💖

    If this campaign is a success then maybe, just maybe, we will see it again and other brands, companies and labels will feature ‘real’ women too.

    ❤️ Props to Skye at Ruby Olive Jewellery (where I work), who has always featured real women in her campaigns and gave me the confidence to jump in front of the camera to begin with. And Brittany, for being just as excited as me!

    Props to all the models, my one day on set was bloody hard and I have no doubt being a model is an incredibly demanding job.

    ❤️ Props to all those who don’t fit the above, we are all different and we all to be celebrated.

    Come join the conversation and help us celebrate Sabrina and this important message over on Facebook! Click on the image below.

    Listen to Sabrina's interview with Hit105 Brisbane below. Be warned, you may need a box of tissues! 

    CHARITY BY DESIGN // Can You Help Us Create Back To School Kits?

    Going back to school is usually one of two things: either it's pretty exciting (even more so for the parents), or quite daunting for our precious little ones. We want to help make going back to school as exciting and easy as possible, which is why we've created 'Kits 4 Kids'. 

    Kits 4 Kids are back to school packs filled with all the essentials, to help make the transition of going back to school that little bit smoother for disadvantaged kids. We believe every child should have access to adequate educational materials, and should be given the best chance possible to have a fun, and positive schooling experience. Each kit contains a backpack, insulated water bottle, pencil case filled with stationery such as rulers/erasers/pencils, and a lunchbox. 

    Kits for Kids Contents
    While we can't quite kit out every kid (as much as we would LOVE to), we are pledging to create a minimum of 100 back to school packs, to help 100 kids. Some of these kiddies may have been affected by the bush fires, but there are certainly also children in need all year round, that will benefit from a helping hand. 

    So how can YOU help us, to help them?

    Well, we have a simple and stylish solution for you. Introducing... the Rainbow Bright Striped Drop Earrings! $5 from each pair of these gorgeous earrings will go towards creating these Kits 4 Kids. Each kit will cost approx. $20, so the more earrings purchased = the more kits that can be created! We will cover any costs where funds have not been raised to ensure we can reach our target of 100 kits.

    Rainbow Drops, kits for kids Each pair of earrings is lovingly made using hand-poured resin, and are finished with nickel free posts for sensitive ears. There are 3 stud top colours available, and 2 styles to choose from. Which pair will you choose? View the full collection and start shopping for a great cause HERE.

    Love RO xx

    Australian Bush Fire Emergency // We're now a Drop Off Hub

    Ruby Olive has registered as an official drop off hub for numerous charities, to help collect, sort, and appropriately disperse a number of items needed by bush fire affected communities now. Please see the lists below of what we are currently accepting. We will continue to update these lists as advised, these requirements have been outlined as the most impactful donation items (after financial assistance).

    Drop off/postal address: Ruby Olive Jewellery, 19/25 Samuel Street, Camp Hill, QLD, 4152 Australia 







    • Deodorant (non-aerosol) 
    • Shampoo/Conditioner
    • Sanitary Items
    • Nappies
    • Baby formula
    • Instant coffee (not beans or pods)
    • Tea, and any other non-perishable items





    Please find out more about how to craft these items or donate supplies HERE

    • Joey Pouches XXS - M
    • Joey Pouches M - XXL
    • Hanging Pouches
    • 3D Hanging Pouches
    • Animal Beds 

    As not everyone has the capacity to help in this way, we have researched and found a heap of other financial and practical ways to assist for those who would still love to help.

    Click here to learn about how to assist financially - the most requested and impactful way to help fire victims right now.

    Click here to learn more about crafting wildlife pouches to the animals who have been burned and/or lost their habitats.

    Click here to learn about fauna wildfood balls, which are used as a food source for displaced animals.

    Australian Bushfire Emergency - Statistics

    Australian Bush Fire Emergency // How To Help Those In Need

    Our gorgeous country is burning, and we are absolutely heartbroken by the devastation being caused. Australia is unlike any other country in the world. The destruction caused, tragic loss of life, homes, flora and fauna is simply unfathomable. All of our love and thoughts are with those affected by the fires. A huge big THANK YOU to the firies (including the countless volunteers) putting their lives on the line to help fight these bush fires and protect lives, homes, and towns.
    We've been watching the events unfold, and have felt totally helpless. However, together, we can all help to make a huge difference to the lives of those affected by the fires. 

    *Image Credit Kasey Rainbow via donation fundraiser

    All of the RO girls have individually donated and are helping wherever, and however they can. We are all equally devastated. If you'd like to help too, donating directly to reputable organisations is the best way to do so to help provide forms of quick and immediate relief. I'll pop some links below so that you can make informed decisions about where you'd like to help out. Donations over $2 are all tax deductible, and each donation makes such an enormous difference. Each and every cent counts.

    Australian Bushfire Crisis - Statistics

    Red Cross >>>…/disaster-relief-and-recovery-…
    Salvation Army >>>
    Food Bank >>>…/make-a-donation/donate-funds/…
    Givit >>>

    NSW Rural Fire Service:…/support-your-local-brigade
    Country Fire Authority Victoria:
    South Australian Country Fire Service:
    Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland:

    WIRES >>>
    WWF >>> 

    The next best way to help >>> once the fires have been put out (predicted to be in March or April 😢) and it is safe to do so, if you have the capacity, why not plan a road trip and visit a town near you that has been affected. Purchase their fuel, visit and purchase from their gift shops and supermarkets, and help the locals rebuild their towns to their new sense of normal in any way you can. We certainly will be.

    Once the fires are extinguished, there is still lots of work to be done to help communities slowly rebuild. You can start helping now, by taking a look at Turia Pitt's "Spend With Them" initiative here. It is a page full of regional businesses doing it tough during the fires. If you need to purchase something specific, why not have a look over the page and purchase with them to support the people in need of financial assistance now. 

    As not everyone has the capacity to help financially, we have researched and found a heap of practical ways to assist for those who would still love to help.

    Click here to learn more about crafting wildlife pouches to the animals who have been burned and/or lost their habitats.

    Click here to learn about fauna wildfood balls, which are used as a food source for displaced animals.

    Click here to learn more about our drop off points, and how you can help by donating items for victims of the fires.