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    Welcome to my world! My crazy, fun, passionate, Ruby Olive world

    Ruby Olive


    I’m about smiles on faces...

    My primary mission is clear and simple - I want to put more smiles on faces! Your faces, your friends faces, the faces of people that see you walking tall and proud down the street and the faces of the people who work with me, making and selling my products.

    Your smile is the most beautiful thing about seriously, I mean it!!! And it’s by FAR the prettiest thing you can wear.

    When you smile, you look more confident and feel positive. A smile is a REALLY powerful thing... and lots of fancy pants scientists have done lots of fancy pants research on how a smile can create positive feelings which leads to increased endorphins, which leads to greater happiness in life. POW! Hell yeah...get me more of those endorphins!

    I’m a bit dreamy...

    I can’t help’s just who I am. I’ve learnt to embrace it and now use it to my advantage. I absolutely LOVE or night! And have been known to miss a bus stop or two thanks to my imagination, I don’t make apologies though. You’ll find me dreaming up new collections, new designs, new stories, and new ways to look at the world on any day, time or place. I believe everything worth doing, starts with a dream...and that you should dream BIG!

    I’m also a believer...

    I believe we can be whoever we want to be, we just need to put our mind to it. I’m certainly not saying it won’t be easy, but you need to BELIEVE that things can change. Most people don’t believe in their own superpower. They don’t trust their abilities and in many instances they don’t think they are enough. I believe you are enough. I believe in you! Your dreams can only start to evolve when you start to believe!

    I’m about purpose too...

    My aim is to act purposefully in everything I do. I know, I know I probably sound like a purple haired, airy fairy, tree hugger...but in all seriousness, by ‘Purpose’ I mean everything I do needs to be from a place of love and thoughtfulness. From the collections I dream up, to the wonderful artisans who make for me and the materials they use. It’s important to me that we do our bit to make our world a better place and I aim to use sustainably sourced raw materials where possible and create products with an ethical heart.

    I’m not just about selling beautiful products either, I’m about creating a brand that offers inspiration for a more vibrant and happy life! BRING THAT ON BABY!


    Together...we the smilers, the dreamers, the lovers and the believers.

    x Skye
    Ruby Olive Chief Dreamer

    Oh and P.S. Ruby Olive is my adorable grandmother.  This journey has been dedicated to her.

    Ruby Olive